Grow room collapsed 42 days into flower

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  1. I am trying to get it fixed, buy a new one, rebuild. It has been 4 days, i left them in the dark for 3 days( work) then moved to the bathtub for watering. 12/12 is not possible right now, and girls are healthy big dense nugs just getting sticky. . What if i am unable to fix it right away. what is 2 weeks or more of dark or weak( window) light cycle gonna do, let alone it's light 15-16 hours a day at least. Any suggestions, other than harvest to early.
  2. Damn, can you sit them outside?
  3. Yes worried about rabbits, rats and mice. Thank god my still light works, i could hang it somewhere and turn it on, but i have no where dark enough for 12/12. to many windows.
  4. When I have in the past put plants out too early, and they flowered too soon, and I go OH FUCK!...About 2-3 weeks later will will revert back to veg. Usually takes about that long, for the plants to un-confuse themselves. If they get really confused/stressed they can go hermie. Because you said 2 weeks, which is around the time it usually takes, you might not see much progression on the bud getting denser and sticky. But then again, the plant getting the weaker window light, if it seems to not stress them out, and seems to be ok, hopefully you should be ok? I'm sure others will chime in here.
  5. Probably going to have to get your timing right... stick them outside for 12 hours of daylight then bring them in for 12 hours of darkness sounds like your best bet of you plan on flowering more... any pics of your ladies?..

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  6. Can you cover the windows with like towels or something. I’ve had to emergency use small blankets but hey you do what you gotta do.
    Stay with your light and do 12/12 and pray for just a few seeds. You’ll be ok I think. At 43 days you’re probably close to chopping...
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  7. Build a tent with white/black poly and some 3/4" PVC pipe, 3m industrial velcro door. Make sure they get 12 hrs dark or they'll start to veg/mutate and ruin the buds.
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  8. You could even staple it to the ceiling with a good stapler and you wouldn't need a frame. If you cut cardboard into squares about 2" x 2" and staple through them on top of the plastic it acts like a gusset for the staples and the plastic won't pull through them. You can put like 4 staples in each scrap of cardboard and it holds the plastic really well. They're also easy to remove by pulling on the cardboard firmly. You could staple the white black poly from floor to ceiling all around and make a door with velcro. Can't get much cheaper. Probably about $15 from the right store if you have staples.
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  9. Yeahs was gonna start flush in a few days. I think a blanket over the window is the answer. Will hang a light for 12 hours to finish. Thanks for the replies.
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