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Grow room advice

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by rocketmanrich, Apr 1, 2013.

  1. I have what amounts to a tool shed outside. It measures 6x6 with a ceiling I can take as high as about 9 feet. The walls are white studded metal. The floor is comprised of pea sized stone. Would you all recommend hanging Mylar from flour to ceiling or leave it the white color it is now. As for the floor I don't have much of an option unless I simply lay down a plywood subfloor. I was thinking the stone floor would be suitable for any water drainage etc... What do you all think? My other issue is that one end inside the shed would have to have some sort of hanging tarp type for a door to split the room off for storing other things in front of the actual room to sort of become incognito if I am making any sense. I will try to snap a few photos yo give you a better idea but any suggestions for now would be awesome. that is if what I am trying to describe makes any damn sense. Thanks in advance though just the same.
  2. I would still hang plastic up and that floor I'm torn good for drainage bad for bugs and things like that man tuff call if there are not many visible bugs in there as of now there will be once there's nice green plants for them to eat I would try to seal it to eliminate the pests all together F drainage lol

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  3. It's hard to light proof with a tarp. You have to make sure there are zero light leaks. Agree about the floor, gotta have a floor, disagree about the Mylar. White walls rule.
  4. I'm leaning that way as well for this grower if its out side the plastic might act as a heat trap stick with what you have

    You can build a fake wall from 1x1 in sticks of wood they are like 1 dollar and 8 ft long at HD and just find something cheap to cover the wall with I think 4x8 sheets of 1/4 in plywood are like 10 bucks and just fashion a door of some type and there you go of the floor I would use 1/2 in plywood or bigger 1/4 in will break under weight of plants and you in the room over time

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  5. This site is awesome. I posted just hours ago and the advice is flowing. I am fricking anxious to get started but don't want to Jack up my first grow because I am impatient. Funds are limited for now so the floor might have to stay as it is. I have heard both white walls and Mylar suggestions so maybe for first attempt I might stick with white walls. I want to grow but for the first go around, maybe I will use it for a trial run in the shed and see what will need changing after first harvest. I can get some bag seed if need be so as to not waste a bunch of money on high quality. The pain and after effects from my cancer are directing my madness right now. That it my reason for growing, along with the fact it looks fun as hell and should feel just as fun when it is done!!! Thanks again for the advice and I look forward for more to come!
  6. Have you thought of getting a tent?
  7. haven't given the tent any thought basically because I have no information on them or better put I haven't even looked into them. It's it something to construct within the building I currently have? I would definitely be interested in more information if you can steer me in the right direction.

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