grow room advice needed please.

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by peterpeter, Jul 12, 2004.

  1. Hey fellow growers,

    Althought I have harvested three crops already (none which have been grade A, but hey it's getting better and that's what counts right?)

    I have decided to rebuild my grow room and increase the overall size. I'm ok as for general design & lighting etc.

    But... my wife isn't happy about the odour being omitted from the grow room or neither the vast amount of heat.

    Yes I've looked online for products to solve the odour issue, but im not sure which way to turn to be honest. Can anyone reccomend a tried and tested method/product to eliminate the odour completley (or at least to an acceptable level)

    Also any suggestions to help me combat the heat? I've been thinknig of trying to design something which would take the warm air in and blow it out as cold air, but i ended up making hole sin the freezer and kind of destroyed it (wife not happy again..hehe) any tips/advice would be welcomed with open arms.



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  2. This is the best/cheapest odor control I have seen so far. Build your own carbon scrubber . . .

    With regards to heat, I use a bathroom fan that vents all the heat out of the top of my chamber and draws air in from the opposite end through a hole on the bottom of my chamber. Hot air is up top, cool air is down low. Check my grow journal for the setup. Hope this helps . . .

  3. I have purchased a ionizer and air conditioner from Canadian Tire for 120 dollars. It takes filters but let me just say, my room is cool and the smell doesn't exist. That would be your best way to go (note there wasn't much smell to begin with hehe, I am only in vegitative growth).

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