Grow room advice for closet using 400w HPS

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  1. Ok someone please help! I want to get the supplies and start working tomorrow. Since I have a whole closet to work with I have some options:

    a.) just grow the plants directly in the closest. Light proof the closet and surround the plants by reflective material. Also, need to make sure temp stays ok and can control smell.

    b.) build a small box in the closet. I would want it to be cheap, easy to build, and light. I was thinking of making the frame out of either pvc and covering with foam or/and reflective material. I could alsobuild the box out of foam insulation I found at home depot????? This seems easiesst of all. Just secure all the sides/corners and paint white. Would this work??

    Is it better to just use the closet or build and actual box. which would be better as far as smell and temp control?
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    im currently using a 400w hps(3x3 area) and a 150w hps(2x2 area) in a closet space as well. your best off to just paint the walls white and just use all of the available space. your closet is just a bigger box than one you would build and put in there to grow in. heat can def. become an issue, so i recommend getting a cooltube for your hps, it really cuts the heat down incredibly. with a cooltube you can also add exhaust/intake fans if necessary (and you allowed to cut a few holes), or the option i took by just keeping the door open all the time with a fan blowing cool air in, and an exhaust fan at the top blowing hot air out.
  3. Two things:

    Do you ever have to worry about smell with the door open? I was thinking of using ONA with a fan...Would that be sufficient?

    If you leave your door open all the time, how do you make sure no light is getting in?
  4. of course smell will become an issue during flowering and possibly during veg as well, thats why i use ona gel, works like a charm.

    as for light getting in, i set up my timer so lights are off when it is night time so there is no light in room. (room is empty anyways - so no lights on except the hps)
  5. OK if you are growing in a closet this is what I would do. Cut a piece of wood that will fit inside your door opening when it is open, and cut a hole in the bottom and attach a fan to the board (as your intake), and at the top make another hole for your exhaust to blow through. I would use lock hinges to keep the board snug against the wall frame or some kind of clamping mechanism (sorry my home improvement vocab needs some work). Also add holes for electrical work if needed. Line the whole thing (including the back of the plywood) with mylar, and bam you have everything you need for a closet grow without the hassle of making a whole box.
  6. Link says it's not available, but anything that can get air in and out while keeping the room lightproof will work. You dont neccessarily have to mount anything onto the door, because there are a ton of ways around doing that. If you do however plan on mounting something it has to be sturdy enough to support the object without warping due to the moisture or weight.
  7. what are ways of getting air through without mounting? Running dryer hoses to each fan out the door?
  8. this is the actual stuff:

    3/4 In. 4 Ft. x 8 Ft. R5.0 R-Matte Plus 3 Insulation

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  9. Also, is this the white poly that is 90% reflective??

    Husky \t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t \t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t.31 Mil, 9 Ft. x 400 Ft. High Density Painter's Plastic Roll \t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t \t\t\t\t\t\t\t\t \t\t\t\t\t\t\t

    Is there anything I can get cheap like at home depot that will be as reflective as the expensive shit? Will white paint be just as reflective? What kind of lining options do I have and does Home depot carry them?

    I saw some lining at the grow shop locally and it was expensive as shit $90
  10. Yup, pretty much make a ventilation system, but there are some problems doing this. You would have to find a way to allow the ducting to either stay connected to the door even when it is removed (Like extra slack in the ducting so you can tend to your plants, but I might have a few concerns doing this), or figure out some kind of system for disconecting the ventilation from the piece when it is opened. Mounting fans is in my mind easier than doing either of these things.

    As for reflection, I have a hard-on for mylar (which can be had on ebay for super cheap). But flat white paint would work, and those things you just posted look like they would definitely work if they are what they appear to be.

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