grow rocks ?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by vannucci, Jun 13, 2002.

  1. this is my grow room and am hoping to grow
    about 8 plants, with a 600w hps

    am gonna start seeds in small rockwool cubes

    once root comes out of cube put in a block of rockwool
    and in a tray of some sort off pebbles

    but what are they ? grow rocks

    i was going to feed about 6 times a day and let it drain off to

    is there a link to help me

    is this right
  2. forgot photo

    sorry stoned again

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  3. 600 hps maybe a bit much, checkout

    If its the only light/place just give it a go!
  4. what does (If its the only light/place just give it a go!)mean

    i know the 600w hps is a bit too much (may do more plants yet)

    can anyone else help me

    i cant wait to start growing
  5. That 600 watt light wont be to much in that area at all, as long as you can vent the heat out and fresh air in,,,the space looks to be about 2.5 - 3ft wide and 4ft long giving you 12 sq ft of grow area, 600watts divided by 12sq ft = 50watts per sq ft and that is exactly what you want to produce big buds, personally I would only put 4 plants under the 600 watt light, bigger buds per plant and alot less trimming and cutting in the end!!

    Good luck

  6. thanks mate

    at last some good advice

    i think i will do 4, it sounds a good idea

    i think i will start 8 seeds and see how many females turn out
  7. Hey Man, NICE SLIPPERS!!! LOL j/k - Man I wish I had a nice spot cutout like that. I had to build a doghouse, and the attic of the doghouse is my grow room (only fits 4 plants and they cant get taller than three feet!!)
  8. Budguy hit it perfectly....I have 3 400watters in exactly 4'x 2' on a single hood...2 HPS, 1MH...3 plants ,,it's all about ventilation,,,..and you may use more will not be dissappointed in the 600w...


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