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  1. Will my plant recover and still get a good yield?
    My Bruce banner auto recently faced nute lockout due to the soil being too acidic (FFOF soil) I ran a flush till the ppm was down too 400 in the runoff water. I then top dressed the soil with bloom city. The ph of the runoff water is also better now before it said 5.0 now it’s at like 6.1. I also took off a lot of dying leafs. Day 47 week 4 or 5 with flowering. Seems like the buds aren’t growing fast at all. Thanks for all ur help guys. IMG_7114.JPG IMG_7115.JPG Adjustments.JPG
  2. When growing autos, begin nutes at 1/8-1/4 of the published amount.
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  3. Ok thanks for letting me know

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