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  1. Hey guys I am a first time grower and am looking to buy two 3 gallon or so pots to grow in. Im not sure what makes a good pot, i guess good drainage? If you have any please leave an amazon link. 

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    When you first plant the seed you'll need to plant it in a cup.Then swich to 1 gallon when it get's big.The bigger it gets the bigger the pot you'll need.3 gallon pot it pretty much it,unless you wan't it to get real big.Do a journal about it,we'll help you.
  3. buy at least a 5 gallon terrapot. Make sure it has 1 large hole in the center, not 5 small ones in a circle. I would suggest a 7 gallon for more of a yeild. Good luck!
  4. I hear you dont have to do that? I can just use one large 5 gallon pot for the whole life cycle of the plant? 
  5. Do you have an amazon link, for an example of a decent pot I can use to grow? I would need two. Im currently on a small budget. 
  6. Yeah it doesen't matter,do this it's your first one anyway's you'll gain experience wich is more important too.
  7. Jesus. If you can't be bothered to find a pot yourself, how do you expect to do actually growing the dang thing?
  8. Because niqqa

    this is the pot I use. The larger size is no good. The smaller size is good for peppers and herbs. The 12 inch is perfect for pot, but the new pots have a worthless lip which just takes up space. The self watering aspect doesn't take hold until the plant is established. Then all you have to do is stick your finger in the well, if it is not bone dry, do not add any water. I have kept non pot plants alive and flourishing for years in these pots.
  10. Just get some 5 gallon buckets from home Depot and drill some holes in the bottom

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