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Grow Plans (Grow Tent)

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by LIsmoker, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. I'm a new grower looking to set up my room. I have ordered lowryder seeds so I do not need much height however finding a short tent is hard. So far I have been able to find a Mother Keeper tent from HTG (High Tech Garden Supply) and I was wondering if anyone has this tent and would let me know there set up or if someone has another tent they could recommend.

    I have a 5' x 4' x 3' space where I am trying to put the set up. I would like to grow around 3-4 plants at a time.

    As of now I was looking into picking up one of HTG's set up packages and buying that tent, would that be the best set up?

  2. What light will you be using mate? There's not a lot of height in that tent.. If using CFL's u will be fine, If using HID over 250W you will need to be air-cooled hood.

    I have a DR100 with a 400W hps and I grow 4-5 plants and avg about 10-12 oz a crop.

    I would look into doing a SOG, Less time, More yields..
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    Yeah, I have thought about buying one of the larger ones to turn on it's side incase I wanted to grow something other than auto's later so I'd have the size but it seems like that wouldn't be a great plan and this is the only tent that is horizontal rather than vertical.

    I was planning on CFL's unless there was a better idea. I only have about 6 AF seeds to plant so I'm hoping to get at least 3-4 of them going.
  4. I would look at 250W HPS with a couple side CFL's, Or depending on your ambient room tempterature maybe a air-cooled 400W hps, Or maybe even some T5's.
  5. The T5 is what they reccommend for the tent however I've read that auto's do better in HPS/MH then in T5's so I am thinking about getting this 400W kit with both HPS/MH together. High Tech Garden Supply
    Or building one of my own to save some money.

    The room they'll be growing in is a basement and it stays relatively cool in there.
  6. Sounds good! Good luck with them auto's, I've never done auto's myself but would love to flower a plant on a 20/4 light schedule, I'd exspect excellent results! :D
  7. Thanks, I'm gonna start a grow journal so be on the look-out.
  8. if ur lookin for a great tent at a good price try i got a GL80 for 113.00 + shipping to the midwest. they have a great selection of tents at very resonable prices. their customer service is amazing also
  9. I have that tent with a 4' T5 HO 4 bulb, and that bitch gets hotter than my 4x4x7 with a 400 watt HPS in it.
  10. I've checked them out before but thank you. It's hard to find a tent that's short, I've been thinking about turning one on it's side but it looks like that isn't the best idea.

    Is that saying you would recommend T5 before HPS? I am putting the tent in a basement where it stays relatively cool so I don't think heat will be an issue, or so I hope.

    If anyone else has any ideas or information, I am heading over to a hydro place by me this weekend so I'm still open to suggestions.

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