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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by ghost007, Dec 26, 2003.

  1. 24 square meters of grow space (i will use only 5-6 of it) with
    2.20m height
    5*600HPS (already have 1 full setup and 4 ballasts with reflectors, bulbs are coming in 2 weeks)
    I will grow in cocos 1plant /1 light (in flowering)
    I have FERRO COCOS A + B nutritients
    I have 11 Northern light seeds from which I expect 4-5 ladies
    I will use 25l pots for my plants (in flowering)
    I'l veg them for 4-5 weeks, make a lot of FIM'ing and tying (i'll make a bush) and then flower
    I'll keep pH for about 5.8 - 6 all the time, (dont have EC meter because of my low budget), make flush in every 2-3 weeks of growing (to avoid salts)
    Handwatering method (don't trust pumps and so on)
    I'll add some H2O2 to the water to get more O2
    I'll make some east+sugar+water mix to produce some CO2 near the plants
    That's what I'M going to do
    Now I have 2 questions
    1) How should i keep 25-28 c temperature in my growroom in cheapest way? (electric bill doest'n matter) because now I have 5c temperature there and the space is large
    2) How big ventilators should i buy for the optimal ventilation?
    Sorry for my bad english
  2. sounds pretty good to me, you've done a bit of homework on this your first grow? for the temp now being 5degrees, it wont be that when you switch on those 5x 600w HPS''ll need to do a couple of dry runs, have the lights on for 18 hours and record the temp, and then the temp during the night as well, so you find out if it'll need some form of heating during the night, MJ plants can take a lot of stress, but try and only let the growroom cool down d#uring the night by approx 10-15 degrees..........Peace out........Sid

    and ps, you're gonna be a busy guy/gal for a
  3. sidious thanks for the reply, yes I did my homework and I think I have theorethical knowledge about what I'm gonna do(now need lots of practice). It'll be my first indoor grow.
    As for the heating I have an idea. I'll use electric heater with a programmable thermostat which will regulate the temperature :)
  4. Just a quick note on the yeast / water principle...mate it absolutely stinks so dont bother...just ensure you have a strong inlet fan blowing at the middle of the garden so the co2 is dispersed regularly during the grow cycle ( lights on ) put it on a timer so it goes off during the dark cycle..
    good luck mate...if it comesd off with that ammount of light your gonna need a few days for cropping..
    best of luck...this type od not mention to anyone..not even close mates if you can help it ok...loose lips...sink ships..!!!
  5. Thanks for the reply GALVANIZED!
    ok i will not do the east+sugar thing if you say it's not worth it.
    Anyone have any more sudgestions?

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