Grow Plan! Comments/Advice Please

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by ßenjamin, Sep 28, 2009.

  1. Hi there, I got into pot about 3 months ago, and ah I have noticed it is kinda expensive :)
    So, I have been doing some research, and I've come up with a plan to grow this coming summer.
    I live in New Hampshire, so I am gonna grow outdoors in the woods where there are no paths, about 100yards out from a sparsely used dirt road.

    I am gonna order about 15 feminized seeds from attitude seed bank, high thc level sativa(10) and 5 indica.
    I plan to spray deer repellant around the grow area,and shave some Irish Spring too (we have deer probs here in NH).
    Due to living situations I cant dry indoors, but I have the use of a large enclosed snowmobile trailer XD. Plenty of space to hang 15 plants worth.

    I am growing for my own personal use, over the course of a year or more, expecting at least 12oz from 15 plants. I have never tried indica, but I have heard it is great as a sleep agent, which could come in handy at some point over the year.

    I will be posting pics this summer once I am underway.

    I will cure them indoors, I dont think that is gonna be a huge problem once I get them to the jars.

    What I am asking you readers for is some helpful advice or tips. Or if you see some MASSIVE overlooked flaw in my plan, that could help out too.

    First time grower here obviously so, help would be appreciated.
  2. Ah, I realize that the snowmobile trailer is going to be hot, probably averaging 80 degrees, so I am expecting the herb to dry a bit quickly, I can pop some battery op fans in there to keep the air moving and prevent mold.
  3. From what I have read so far:
    -No nutes till about 2 weeks in, stop nutes 2 weeks from harvest.
    -Trim lower branches for higher yeild buds in the long run.
    -Place green bannanas over the newly planted seedlings to increase chance of female plant (though I am using feminized seeds so I dont know if the effort is worth it).

    What about pest problems? Are they common w/ outdoor grows?
  4. High dude, sounds like a plan. I wouldn't bother with the banana trick using fems but I can't see it doing any harm.

    You should do a journal, there is plenty of help around the city if you need it.

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