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    Hello grass city forum, i would like to share with you my grow guide.
    The setting of my grow is on a Small unvisited island in the archipilago of gogotown ( keeping the name of the city secret. ) 
    it's an island 2 kilometers long and 500 meters wide with lots of pine, berch and appletrees. the island is right of the coast and it is very humid all summer long. it is also really rocky with fresh water springs dotted across it. the Animal life is almost nonexistant exept for birds there is nothing else there that could eat a young sapling.
    i have already chosen the locations of 20 plants, 3 at each spot to decrease the amount of plants that might get ''contaminated by a male'' since im quite inexperienced. they will be planted mid april or early depending on the night time temperatures gotta watch out for frost :smoke:
    5 plants are planned to be started inside in febuary and the later other 15 in march.
    The soil has already been prepeared with salmon carcases and eggshells. all the locations are facing south for the maximum amount of time exposed to the sun. :bongin:
    I will start a grow journal as fast as the snow melts with pictures of each grow site. 
    average temperature:
    March +6 c
    April +10 c
    May  +12 c
    June  +15 c  :metal:
    Juli     +18 c 
    August +18 c
    September +14 c
    October +10 c
    So the only question i have is
    1. Will the Humid/salty air harm the plants in any way?   :smoke:
    if you have any comments or suggestions to me feel free to

  2. Sounds like heaven. By the looks of the temperatures you will safest around may. start plants around march indoors. or sooner.
    Salt is not good, if there is no other vegetation in the spots then rethink the spots.
  3. The salt is in the air, carried by winds. water that is on the island if not 50m from the coastline is freshwater the island itself is covered in small patches of forest so i don't think the springs are contaminated. 

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