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  1. i just watched a movie called Grow Op on netfilix. i think anybody hat grow should watch it. its a good ass movie. its about this family of pot growers and their son goin to high school. In the movie they talk about a weed called Afghan Dubai, is this a real weed or not.
  2. growing op, it's called.
  3. Great Movie, i suggest all growers watch it!
    i dont wanna spoil it so i suggest you MoFo's watch it!
    Great Movie!
  4. I was debating watching this yesterday now I'll definitely have to check it out! Netflix ftw!
  5. I'd say netflix is pretty pro-pot they have a shit load of movies on there. I believe I've seen em all lol. You can even order cannabis cooking movies!
  6. Watching it right now is it true that you cant clone alaskan thunderfuck
  7. Saw this thread last night and it inspired me to watch it. It was pretty good, had it's laughs for the growers. The ending caught me which was a nice surprise lol. Id say it's a decent watch if your sitting around stoned and are looking for something to do
  8. The movie was decent...kinda cheesy. Would not say it is a must see for growers...the ending is terrible too! Like white it stoned and bored.
  9. I thought it was fucking dumb and unrealistic.

    Those cunty parents with the plants all over the house? Really... They would get busted in a second, not to mention how shitty of a grow that would be.
  10. saw it about 2 hours ago it was ok. the other new one on netflix, blades of grass or w/e was a GREAT film and a better watch imo. they have a massive hydro grow :)
  11. no Blades of Grass on my p.o.s. Canadian netflix...Just an after thought....In Growing Op, how do you think they manage to keep plants in flower throughout the entire house during the day? Oh wait thats right you cant!
  12. how about leaves of grass. did u even look? its like 2 movies over from growing op.
  13. The green rush is my fav on netflix. Very realistic on how it really is in nor Cal, sketchy as hell.
  14. I will say it P.O.S. Canadian netflix does not have the same selection...the movie is there but it is not viewable.
  15. yea, I second the green rush, it is fairly realistically filmed and it's definitely interesting to watch (especially as an amateur without having seen anything like that in person). Also, "The union: business behind getting high" was interesting, but not quite as high quality IMO.
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    There are a few good movies on there... that one is ok... and blades of grass... there are some you have to mail-order the dvd... sucks
  17. Seemed lame to me, but i didn't get to finish it... seemed like it was about a kid who had bundles of high quality weed available to him through his parents and he was some how unhappy about the situation?

    Does it get better?

    Atleast in leaves of grass they have a nice grow setup, instead of plants all over the house, what do they do walk around in pure darkness 12 hours a day? :rolleyes:
  18. Was told it has a hard time breeding true (AK Thunderfuck x self). Likes to finish cold!
  19. its hilarious i can watch action movies where the hero takes out a whole army with a revolver and a kitchen knife and think nothing of it but i watch a movie like that where there growing weed in the living room and it ruins it for me.... "of course you can take out 49 navy seals with 2 bullets and a role of duct tape, BUT YOU CAN NOT GROW BUD WITH OUT 12HRS OF COMPLETE UNINTERRUPTED DARKNESS ASSHOLE!!!"
  20. oh and not sure if its on netflix but i seen a documentary the other day called "square groupers" more about importing than growing but still good, from the guys that made cocaine cowboys

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