Grow op in 6 months! Tips Please

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  1. Ok so in about 6 months im going to be starting my very first gro op. So I have 6 months to plan. First off let me start out by telling you i will be groing indoors in a one bedroom apartment. I know risky, but I have 6 months to plan and find that perfect apartment so im confident it can be done.
    I plan on using a armiore for my gro box. Good idea? I know it will have plenty of room for growth.
    And when my babies are in veg. state will a armiore still work? If I can raise and lift the light source it shouldnt matter right?

    VENTALATION: this is kinda my problem right now. I need someone to really explan how to do this cause I guess im not quite getting it. Since im growing in a apt. oder control is a must. I hear scrubbers work? do I just use fans to blow the air through the scrubber and the scrubber filters the
    scent so when it reaches outside ( being in my room ) there is no smell? Im also not sure what cfm means and what not.

    Sorry for alot of questions but these are my main concerns. I have been doing alot of research on the growing aspect.

    p.s I thought the smell had to be sent outside of the building am I wrong?
  2. Venting is pretty easy, have some small fans coming in to help keep temp down and fresh o2 in the grow box. Have at least 1 exhaust vent too so the air can flow out too. As for learning the terms of growing just search the stickies at the top of the sub form, lots of good info up there, you just have to search for it. Good luck!
  3. i'm doing this right now. i have a one bedroom apartment and i gutted my dresser as a grow box. i'm using cfls because they emit little heat which is good because its hard to get ventilation in the dresser. my plants are late in the veg stage so they barely smell but i plan on getting a bucket and filling it with ONA (odor neutralizing agent) gel once it gets smelly, google it. the only advice i would give is to do a lot of reading before hand! i've made a few mistakes that could have been avoided if i'd done more research. with those mistakes in mind lol i would tell you to research what kind of cfls you need (what kind of light they emit) and really kind of experiment based on what you read as to where to put the bulbs in relation to the plant. i've been doing this recently and i've found out that there is definitely a "best" spot for them, you just gotta find it. good luck!
  4. wow thanks alot peacebone. Ive heard of the ONA before but just kinda always thought how could jel work haha. I'll look it up for sure. It might be easier with jel then to use a scrubber or should I get both? I have no idea how this will smell and how bad.

    also you gotta keep me posted on your grow. Id really like to see how it all turns out.


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