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  1. I want to create a grow op (series of tents indoor) which allows for 30 autos at all times. I have one mars hydro 700 and a mh tent that's able to fit 9 plants in 7gal smartpots, which I already have. Desired yield of no less than 2oz/plant. What is most efficient way of doing this?

    I already have a bestva 1800 generic lamp I bought when I first became interested in growing, although I'm thinking of returning for a better quality/better light fixture.

    Relatively cheap unit cost for elec.

    It's legal for me to have this many plants, so intrusive smell is of negligible concern.

  2. Until you come home to all your flowering plants ripped up and stolen lol... not just the 5-0 you got worry about.

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  3. Any reason you want multiple tents instead of say an 8x8 tent?

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  4. At that point why bother with a tent - just set up the room…
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  5. Pop a cap in this guy .... he's deffo FBI :weed:
  6. True... I was mainly just thinking it seems like a complete waste to buy 10 different tents all with their own ventilation and whatnot when you can just run em in one space haha.. I mean they are autos it's not like he's going to need a veg tent and flower tent or anything.

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  7. personally I'd forgo the tent, buy some poly and "renovate" the room for much cheaper then multiple tents. a plus would be bigger space and more air flow.
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  8. I already have a Mars tent only capable of holding (filled to the brim) 9 plants. I was thinking of purchasing one more tent for flower and devoting current tent for veg?
  9. I cant really modify the house i'm living in. I mean, I could, but I dont plan on living here forever and I like the portability of tents.
  10. So I know autos flower automatically, but why would I not want separate tents>
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  11. Because regardless if they are vegging or flowering 20/4 is one of the better schedules for them throughout there is no need to drop the tent to 12/12 to flower autos

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  12. But would it be advantageous to use full spectrum light (1800w) for flowering plants and devote the Mars 700w for the first few weeks

    Reason being: can fit more vegging plants (smaller pots) in one tent.
    Ik they say not to transplant autos.


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