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  1. Hi all I’m new here been reading a lot. Especially about sexting and pollinating.
    I have a question. If I grow a fem/auto say a gorilla glue or AK lemon ( indoor/tent ) and put a male Unknown in the tent , from what I read it will be “dirt weed”. But will the seeds produced be dirt weed seeds? The reason I ask is, I’m willing to sacrifice one good female to get a lifetime of seeds.
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  3. if you mix an auto with a regular (male) then the F1 offspring will be fastbuds (male or female) and will harvest in about 5 weeks. Their potency will depend on the genetics.
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  4. Yeah that’s all we got in the 80s was dirt weed or commercial. I was referencing someone’s post about letting females getting pollinated. The poster said it turned good flower into dirt weed. Lowered the levels etc.
  5. When breeding, bud quality isn't a priority, viable seeds are. Pollinating a female will always hurt bud production, but that's not the goal, the goal with breeding is to get that female to produce hardy seeds.
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  6. Unless you really have a need or use for 50,000 seeds there is no reason to pollenate an entire plant. Collect some pollen. Clean up a single lower bud on the female plant by removing all the sugars and the fan. With a tiny art brush "Paint" some pollen on the bud.

    Tie a ribbon or string on the branch to make it easy to find at harvest. Each painted thumb sized bud will give you 50-100 seeds. Several males can be used on a single female using this method and the rest of the plant is unaffected by the minor seed production and will be full strength, full flavor and seed free.

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  7. I've been pollinating females for decades.
    I've got 2 special grow boxes that I use just for this process but its not necessary .
    I usually sacrifice the pollinated plant just for the seeds but on occasion I will smoke whats left after seed removal or give it away .
    I have thousands of seeds that I've harvested over the years !
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  8. Thanks for the input
    Sounds better than spending $100 for 10 seeds. Not that I’m cheap but why. When I can get them for free. What concerns me is Trojans comment that theywill be fastbudding seeds and only grow 5 weeks until harvest. Doesn’t seem like I’d get much off of them.
  9. excuse me!?> that is not what I said...
    F1auto/reg cross of MF/SN x #4

    maybe I could have pushed them longer. The plant was pretty good though. Yield is more dependent on veg time in this scenario. F1 are not auto. F2 you will have ~25% auto. 12.5% auto fem...
  10. I’m sorry I mistook what you said as from veg to flower was 5 weeks. Thought that was odd. I got what you meant now. Nice pictures btw.
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  11. I've done this. Trojangrower obviously has done too. Black Domina (M) x AK48. I got a plant that was very early (5 weeks sounds about right) and also quite strongly auto (wouldn't veg long) and mainly female offspring, about 80%.
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  12. I make rosin with the leftovers after pulling the beans out.
    Plants also start coming out how you like them after a couple cycles is the best part imo.
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  13. Appreciate the advice. Is pollen available on the market?
  14. There are some people selling pollen on strainly if you are so inclined.

  15. Thank you

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