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  1. I plan on using all natural potting soil and all natural cow manure compost 50/50 then 15% perlite.  Would this be ok for an outdoor auto grow?

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    probably but you'll have to look for an outside food source..
  3. would all natural ferts from a local hardware store work like fish ferts?
  4. yes it will work, you could get alot more into it, but yes that would probably take you right thru flower..
  5. i just harvested 6 autos outdoor i ran them in 5 gallon hardpots with happy frog soil plus ewc.. I fed them molasses and liquid kelp and hit them with some tea from my photo plants once or twice.. the bud is amazing..
  6. how much did your plants yield and what was the strain? I'm thinking of going with Barney's Sweet Tooth auto.

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