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Grow Marijuana From Germ to Harvest in Only 35 Days

Discussion in 'Cannabis Seeds Banks' started by pearl75, Aug 23, 2012.

  1. A few weeks ago, another GC member posted about a new autoflowering strain being developed for medical users that can be grown from germ to harvest in as little as 35 days. I cannot remember the user's name, and I cannot find his post. However, I did find the seeds, or seeds of a similar variety (they may not be by the same breeder the other guy was talking about).

    I'm giving serious consideration to buying some of these seeds just to see what they can do. But I don't have any experience with this vendor. Worldwide Cannabis Seed Bank | Original Sensible Cannabis Seeds
    There's also another drawback. As many of us already know, auto plants cannot be cloned. However, the plants from the seeds the other GC member was talking about could also be cloned. I would prefer to be able to clone such a fast plant to avoid becoming a slave to buying seeds every month.

    A) What do you guys think are the chances of any worthwhile success with growing such fast plants?

    B) If you are reading this, and you are the guy who posted about the experimental grow you were going to do with these seeds, please reply here. I'd really like to talk to you again. I'm sorry I can't remember your screen name.
  2. link is just to the general site... any link to the strain?
  3. I remember this, the seeds were £150 or $150. I thought it was a 35 day flowering strain photo strain but you may be right. I couldn't find it either when I tried googling it but I remember they said it was being released about now. I'm not too hopeful though as a lot of breeders are, shall we say, optimistic, about flowering times and I can't see the yield being much. Probably have similar results harvesting a quick flowering strain a couple of weeks early.
  4. I did a search on that website using keyword "35 days" and got this

    Worldwide Cannabis Seed bank[from]=&price[to]=&category=

    shows 4 strains. they all says 35 days, but when you click on the details...it says 7-8 weeks from germination to harvest. Which means it takes 35 days once it shows it's first set of pistils.
  5. The autos that could be cloned were Iranian Autoflower, also by Dr Greenthumb. They aren't a true auto but don't need much of a dark period to initiate flowering. This means you could clone them inside and then put outdoors to flower at any time of year or whatever. That is the theory anyway not sure how reliable they are.
  6. Looks like the Freedom 35 is not a 35 day strain after all. It takes 35-45 days to flower...with 2 weeks of vegetation, it makes it a 60 day strain.
  7. Yeah, I guess that doesn't make these much different than most other autos. Maybe they finish a little quicker, but I bet their yield suffers greatly. Sorry I posted the wrong link. Thank you, Anonymous, for throwing up the right link. I appreciate it. :smoke:

    But it was the Freedom 35 that I was actually searching for. Thank you to fluffykush for finding that link for me. :cool:
  8. TBH I'd just go with afghani or something with a fast flowering time. You will save the extra week or two by cloning rather than going from seed.
  9. I have lots of seeds. I was just intrigued by the description. Especially for that Freedom strain.
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    why would you even think it was possible to go from germ to harv in 35 days? it would have to pop out of the shell mature and ready to flower, and even then it would be hard to believe.
  11. I've been watching the evolution of marijuana since the late 80's. Growing cannabis has come a looong way. It wasn't that long ago that 60/70 day autos even become available. If they can do that, what's stopping them from one day creating a marijuana strain that you can grow on your bedside table, that continually rebuds so that whenever you want to smoke you just reach over and snip one off? (You have to dry it, of course.)

    I know it's possible. There are other plants that have been genetically altered to continuously bloom. I bought some lilac hybrids two years ago. If you know anything about lilacs, you know that they can get quite tall, but only bloom once and turn green. My hybrids are much shorter, but they bloom all summer long. It's basically the same concept as the auto flowering cannabis plant. If we can make a lilac that blooms over and over again, why not a marijuana plant someday? :cool:
  12. I'm calling bullshit . Dr. Greenthumb has been going down hill for years ..shit is prolly thier last ditch cash grab

    Stoney Girl Gardens has been using the same kind of BS line for 3-4 years now.. anyone who has grown their gear will say it's more like 60-70 days ( Including Ed Rosenthal, who puts their shit ass genetics in his BBBs).. and even if true ( by some miracle ) it'll yield for dick.
  13. I didn't mean to come off as a no it all or anything, it just seems unlikely to me. I know nothing about plants accept cannabis. and ive only been growing for a few years. maybe it is possible.

  14. You might look into growing out a true Haze. Haze can be harvested from many many times over. It perpetually flowers, and if you snip carefully, about every other bud, and the remainders only in half, they continue to keep growing...I kept a Kali Mist hybrid called Mist of Destruction for a few years, it gave me about three full harvests until it needed a veg period....it was an interesting plant.
  15. Oh, I didn't think you were trying to come off as anything. I was just explaining how it could be possible someday. I haven't been growing for long, but I've been around cannabis since I my early teens. I think my very first encounter with marijuana was the summer of 1988. It would be almost another 3 years before I got brave enough to smoke it...lol :p
    That's very interesting. I'll have to read up on that. Thanks, Skunk. :smoke:

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