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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by jay t bell, Feb 11, 2004.

  1. went to get my hps and was told no problem but the giy seid thats an expensive set up he told me that he grew orchids for export and told me about grow lux tubes thats what he uses. he told me the set up price would 1/5 of hps way and it would use alot less ele.has any body heard of these grow lux tubes?are they any good?how do orchids compare to mj?
  2. get a hps
  3. nothing beats hps, itset the sun...latezz..
  4. have you tried grow lux tubes?
  5. otherwise i wouldnt hate them so much.
  6. ok.cheers thug had to ask that q.and thanks to you all for youre going with the 400 wat hps bulb.cheers to sidious to for his help.laters .jay.
  7. may i ask the size of your growspace?
  8. not a problem max hight of light is between 5-5.6 foot but i want to make that ive got to make a decision about width and lengh cause its in an apex attick.i dont now if i should leave it like that.but ive got a very strong feeling i want to curtain it of to a may be 4ft by 4ft area lined with foil .wat do you think matey? laters jay.
  9. sorry thug forgot to mention ive got as much area as i want.fuck me i could grow fucking forest up there.

  10. same as me and my bro.
    we both got big rooms and use mainly 400s.
    attic space:
    gonna need to b able to control temps and light leaks.
    i dont know what your attic is like but thats true for most of them. thats 2 good reasons to have walls.
    the 3rd being reflected light, very important with a 400.
    anything from 3x3 upto 5x6 depending on plant and style.
    a good size is 4x4. a good hight for your plants is 3' max.
    a 400 suits a sog very well. perpetual harvest from clone under a 400 shuld give you 2oz a week grown well in soil. more from hydro.
    something to work towards?
    light hight:
    very important, must b able to ajust. once you start a pep you will not need to do it a lot but when u do need it you DO need it.
  11. white plastic or mylar.
    its worth the money.
  12. hi ya.thanks 4 all youre imput its going to save me alot of time(in fuckups).better start on this room its going to yake awhile.cheers laters.

  13. i think thats what these kinda places are for :)
    use a bit of common sence and you shudnt make any big mistakes.
    think twice. do once.

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