Grow log of my first plant

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Cannabivore, Feb 3, 2014.

  1. Get a couple 26w daylight 2500k cfl's... as money allows, add 2 after that. Once you see preflowers and/or sex, flip em to 12 on 12 off. 9 weeks (give or take) after that, you'll be checking buds to see if they're ready to harvest. (Hopefully)

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  2. Exactly 3 weeks after planting, looking nice and healthy, compaired it to online images of 3 week old plants and it looks pretty similar, could be a little bit bigger, I think, and looks like an indica
    And I added another flourescent light I found that is 18w, equivalent to a 90w incandescent bulb
    now my light set up is:
    Flourescent       Incandescent       Lumens
    8w                     ~40w                  ~420
    11w                   ~60w                  ~720
    18w                   ~90w                  ~1100
    Wainting for some money to get some decent light and power for them
    IMG_3696.JPG IMG_3697.JPG
  3. Ok in 3 days its a month since I put the germinated seed in soil
    not sure what that crumbling is at one of the leaves but seems all good
    IMG_3745.JPG IMG_3746.JPG IMG_3747.JPG
  4. I'd wait until one more leaf set comes out, and put her in a 5 gal bucket. She'll prob take off after that. Just keep lights close

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