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  1. :wave: Auto's are all I've grown.  Best tip I can give you is use good soil, something on the organic side.  Make your own or buy it pre-blended.  Fox Farm Ocean Forest is popular amongst growers.  I've had good luck planting right in the pot it will end up in.  A 2 gallon pot is ample.  Oh yeah, CFL's can be kept within a few inches away because their so cool.  Your plants will tell you if they're too close.  

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    If you have the cash you should try to get a 400-600 watt light.

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  3. I'm going with 5 gal buckets next time, b/c what I've read everywhere is more roots=more yield.

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    Took her to the window today for a little photo-shoot and found that the 3rd pair of leaves is starting to grow.
  5. Do you have drainage holes in the bottom of that yogurt cup?

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  6. I wouldnt do that then how your gonna grab it to plant it.  soon as you see the root I would plant her...and SIMPLE2512 is right.  Your chances are gonna be bad...lets say half male half female.  But donr t forget hermies so 75% - 25%.  Bad odds, and bag seed usually always hermie.
  7. Oh thank you, I forgot about that, I was wandering why it was taking so long for the soil to dry
  8. It's really just the luck of the draw when it comes to sex from bag seed, actually more feminized seeds Hermie than bag seeds. Best bet is to get more going than u need, then sacrifice them as you need.

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  9. i have also tried the same idea as you, i found a couple seeds in a couple baggies i bought and i have went away with seeding them 1 of them has started rooting in damp paper towel, only been in for a day and a half... should i put it in a pot now and get it straight under the light?
  10. I would.. only put it as deep as you're first knuckle, and cover it lightly.

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  11. What kind of lights u planning on using? Only maybe 1/2 inch deep, if that..

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  12. at the moment ii just have a 20w but i am going to invest in a 400w hps when i can, this is just a test tbh and i am not perticulary bothered about getting it great 1st time, i will be happy if i get any product off of it
  13. how long do i give it light a darkness for?
  14. For vegging I've been doing 24 hours of light, some do 18 on 6 off, it's really up to you. Read the cfl guide at the top of this section. It'll give you some good information.

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  15. so 24hour light, how long should i keep it under that light for? like when should i start 18 on and 6 off
  16. I've been doing 24/0 since Jan 9th, until your nodes start alternating, then switch to 12 on, 12 off.

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  17. do you not mean then 18 on - 6 off? thought you do 12 on 12 off for when you are budding?
  18. ah that doesnt matter i know what you mean... thanks for the help ;) 
  19. Ok, I lined the walls with white paper and hung up a white shirt on the side without wall and I put holes in the bottom of the yogurt cup and put it on a plastic plate. I hope the dirt dries out soon so it develops more roots.
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  20. A little correction about my lights its actually one 8w and one 11w fluorescent light and they are in 40w bulb sockets :/

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