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  1. Here's a photo of my first growing project, I'm gonna keep it simple this time, I don't have any idea what strain it is or if its male or female, its just a game of luck. Found it in some weed, and it was good.

  2. Hey don't want to piss on your parade but judging by past nightmares 9/10
    They usual end up male /herms when pulling out of your stash etc good luck though hope it's turns out good for you
  3. Well, I'm probably gonna buy some autoflowering seeds this month, White Diesel Haze and Red Poison, this one is just sort of a test

  4. Here's a day after, should I put it in the dirt today?
  5. Should buy some rockwool and germinate in there.  Much safer 
  6. I'll probably do that with the Autoflowering seeds that I'm gonna buy
  7. Ok I went to get soil today and I put the seed in it, now I'm not sure if this is bad or not, I left the seed germinating for almost a week, it was a bit of a struggle for it to first pop, but once it popped it grew and grew and I didn't have soil at home, so today the seed was almost leaving the seed cap, but I've heard of people germinating seeds until the seed caps actually feel off.
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    Day 2 in soil
    Sorry about the photo quality, I took a photo forgetting the flash on and it was the last picture before the battery died, but basically that little arc you see is the plant poking out of the soil
  9. Day 3 in soil
    looking good, watered it a little bit on the first day and a bit more yesterday. at this stage I should only water when the soil is actually dry because the roots have to expand in search for water, right?
    IMG_4327.jpg IMG_4329.jpg IMG_4331.jpg
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    Yeah buddy what kind of lighting are you using?
  11. Sun light haha, its on my window that gets light almost all day
  12. Invest in five 23watt 6500k bulbs and five 23w 2700k bulbs and do it right man, sitting in the window sill and getting filtered sunlight is not conducive to a good grow, I'm not trying to be mean but you get what you put into it broseph.
  13. Its not ready to harvest.
  14. I'm probably gonna get some fluorescent grow lights when I'm doing my proper grow, this is just a test, I'm still gonna get some autoflowering seeds
  15. Right on man, on my last grow I used cfl's to veg with. Got some good results nice tight internodes and whatnot.
  16. Here's a photo one week later with a mishapa couple days ago, the stem broke and the plant is completely separated from the seed but I put it in the dirt again, gave it some water and it continued to grow, so it seems everything went well.
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    My new set up for my lady "hopefully", it's in the wardrobe now with two little 40w fluorescent lamps
    I know, it's not much but I'll probably have better lighting soon
    IMG_3563.JPG IMG_3562.JPG IMG_3564.JPG IMG_3565.JPG
  18. I'd put those lights alot closer.. like 4-6 inches away from the plant.

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  19. Put the lights closer and try to line the walls white

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    yeah I was going to line the walls white today and thanks for tip of putting the lamps closer

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