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  1. OK.. So now that i have a few grows under my belt I'm ready to give my operation a face lift.

    i have a rather large new location to grow. i don't have the LxWxD for the room but the closet measures 82 inches high..82in long. and about a quarter inch less than 25in deep.

    I'm guessing the room is about 12ft by 10ft by 8ft tall (guessing...will have to measure).

    heres my plan (feel free to change my mind):

    use the closet for veg. use the open room for flowering....and run them at the same time (rather than start and finish only one crop at a time) looking to get a steady cycle going..

    Ive been looking into high output t5 fluorescents. right now im considering a 4ft 4 lamp fixture that puts out 20,000 lumens.

    for flowering i have 600w digital hps going to add another hid system to flowering but im not sure if i should go for another 600w or a 400w system.

    infact im not even sure 20,000 lumens in the closet will be enough.

    i usually only use clones or fem seeds so all plants from veg will make it to flower. if i have a 600w hid system and a 400w system i want to flower 10 plants @ once...if i have 2 600w hid systems i want to flower 12.

    so i want to start X amount of plants in veg...veg them for 30 days and place them into the flowering room...then start x amount (same amount as the first time) of plants in veg again...veg for a month and throw those in flower (now using up all available space in the flower room)...then start the same amount in veg again...thus making a revolving door where EVERY 30days half of the flowering plants are harvested and are replaced in the veg area.

    any ideas on how to make this work? 2 600w systems for flower? or 1 600 and 1 400? and will 20,000lumens for veg be enough (considering i want to START AND FINSIH my plants ALL in 5 gallon pots.)

    any ideas?

    maybe a different direction you can suggest?

    im open to every good idea.

  2. ...anyone?...anyone?
  3. dude... dont bump your post after an hour.... give people a sec
  4. first we have to have a budget....

    then we need to know the actual dimensions of the space you intend to grow.

    what your talking about is a perpetual grow.

    cant really plan much without knowing how much money we can spend and the size of your area you can grow...

    i'd start reading about ebb and flow grow tables... they seem to maximize your grow space...

    I've looked at a couple and really like them.... but the tent is like 250 and your light like 250 and your tray and res like 500 or so... so stuff adds up......

    like i said budget

    list any and all materials you have for this project
  5. im not growing hydro...soil only. at least at this current time.

    i have the 600w digital hid system (currently my main and only source of light).
    im going to be adding another 600w system as well.

    i plan on using mylar and the tri-fold science fair (dont know what the technical term is) poster board (taping the mylar to the poster board) and placing it around my plants/bulb to help reflect the light. i already do this now by the way with the plants/light i have.

    so im just going to be doing that on a large level. i thought about putting the mylar directly to all the walls but i like my set up to be somewhat portable just in case i need to ever take it all down.

    walls are white also to help reflect light.

    basically what i really need to know is what type of t5 fixture im going to need to veg enough plants (in 5 gallon pots) to be able to then move them into the flower room (even 30 days) where i will have enough lights to flower 10-12 plants (mattering if i go 400w or another 6)

    so i need to know about how many plants can be put under a 20,000 lumen t5 fixure (its 4 feet long with 4 54w bulbs)?

    im thinking probably no more than 4...correct? so i would need another small 2ft fixture to be able to veg 6 at a time?

    im not sure...all i know is with hid i can do 100w per plant and be fine (remember i use 5 gallon space becomes the issue...if i used 2-3 gallon pots im sure i could veg/bloom twice as many in one space but i use 5 gallon pots to skip a lot of hassle.

    my 600w hps is 90 or 95K lumens (i cant remember right now).

    also my reason for going for the t5 fixture is that i think a 400w or 600w in this closet sized space isnt enough room to get rid of the heat...right now w/ an a/c the 600w i have the large room gives me a problem by itself...i have the a/c a lot lately...especially with temps of 90+ lately in my area.
  6. ok... lots of info...

    your grow will be too hot... way too hot...

    you need to only focus on one room at a time... the room with the 600... exactly what is the size of this room, did i miss the dimensions of your space?????? Length x Width x Height

    we need these measurements.....

    and a budget.....

    How cool is the air being supplied to the grow????.....

    what type of air conditioner?.. model number? pics?

    how bout pics of your new grow space.. and your light and home made reflector... anything
  7. For your vegging question I use a 8X6 tent with TWO 4ft 4 bulb T5 HO's in it and can easily satisfy about 24 plants with it, 36 if they are small. Not sure on my exact lumans. Id say 3 plants per one 4ft T5 Ho bulb is about a good average to plan with and wont get you in trouble.
  8. thank you. 3 is kind of what i guessed as well.

    i have air conditioning to combat the heat. actually heat is only a problem in the summer months where it reaches 100+...however in the winter i never need an a/c as the temps stay between 50's and 60' the plants never surpass 75-80 at worst. also i have several fans to help promote air circulation. the a/c also is equipped with a carbon filter.

    i dont have the specifics of the flower room at this time. i can measure sometime this weekend. like i said though im pretty sure its about 10x8 with an 8ft ceiling. (by looking with my eyes that would be my guess).

    its rather large and i will have extra room when its all said & done. however all of the walls and ceiling will be covered with mylar to help reflect light as well as tri fold poster boards with mylar attatched to better close in the space where the plants/light are.

    im probably going to need an a/c upgrade next summer as it wont be powerful enough (in my opinion) to handle TWO 600w hps systems...right now i think its a 7 or 8K btu...i think. will also double check on that.

    im going to be starting with the veg area first (with the t5's) as i assume an hps/mh would be way to hot for such a small space (82in long by 82 wide by 25 in deep)
  9. Go for another 600w. There the best you can get! Just use some regular 6500k neon ballast of 64watts each. Check my grow guide theres a full system setup ;)

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