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  1. Hello guys :)

    A long time ago my friends and i went to a trip in californa , And we smoked weed in a brand called cookies.
    I fell in love with this weed immediately! It was so special!
    Now i was wondering if i could grow something similar to this , I am all new to this all growing thing , but i would like to learn :) .
    I will appreciate it if you could recommend me for some guides , abd how to learn.

    Thank you very much , and have a nice day my friends :)
  2. is the perfect place with detailed guides for each kind of grow, tips and problem solving that can help anyone out. That's what I used when I started out and stick to this day. Good luck and yes, you can grow that kind as well. But not all weed grows the same. It might need different levels of nutes/etc to grow the best product.
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  3. well theres plenty seed breeders /seed banks with cookies and cookies crossed etc,,,read a few grow journals here at grass city'l find out about which light or lights is right for hat you can afford and how to set up a grow etc could have a look =at its a good starting point good luck ,,,mac
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  4. if you can find seeds of the strain you want to grow... you can grow it.


    are you asking where to buy seeds?
    or HOW to grow weed?
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  5. think he means both ,if he can get cookie seed and info on growing JKill ...mac,
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  6. if you go to attitude seeds, and in the little search box, type cookies, you will find many seeds to choose from. Indoor growing is all about the light. Spend all your time and money on the light, then the fun begins.
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  7. Well , kind of both.
    I have zero knowledge when it comes to growing, unfortunately.

    My friends told me that it is hard to grow this kind of weed and for someone who doesn't know how to grow I won't be able to get close to this quality.
    So it's interesting me and I would love to learn it.

    So i assume that there seeds with better quality and seeds that are less quality?

    And thank you all for helping ! :)
  8. Man weed grows just like any other weeds do. Sunlight, nutrition and water. Not rocket science. Some might require a different amount of a certain thing than another does. Your friend probably hasn't grown before or is talking out his ass. Don't be discouraged. Go to for extensive guides for every sort of growing medium (DWC, Hydro, Coco, Soil, Etc).

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