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Grow lights and such

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by DjangoThePipe, Jan 22, 2014.

  1. For some reason tapatalk doesn't have a section for growing, so this is going here.I'm planning my first grow, it's gonna start once I have everything I need. I have two 150w HPS bulbs with mogul bases that I'm gonna use for three plants, but they say to use only with a compatible ballast. I've never heard of a light bulb needing a ballast, is it possible to get a mogul fixture that's self ballasted? It was a bummer to find out I needed to get a special socket, and now I need to get something else even more obscure to me. It says it needs an ANSI s55 ballast. So: Can I get a fixture that is ballasted already without needing to get something separate?If I can, do they have them with mogul bases?What would happen if I didn't use a ballast?ThanksSent from my iPhone
  2. Well now I'm thinking of just using CFLs throughout the whole process, considering it's my first grow; I'm only growing three plants in a small space so I need to keep the heat down; and I'm trying to be as stealthy as possible and use the least amount if electricity. How many watts should I have? A hundred per plant? So would 300watts be okay for three plants?Sent from my iPhone
  3. i really recommend you read the growing sections stickies...
  4. Tapatalk doesn't include the growing section, I'll go onlineSent from my iPhone
  5. And the growing section stickies don't answer my question, which is precisely why I'm asking it at allSent from my iPhone
  6. BumpSent from my iPhone
  7. Save up some money and buy a bigger bulb, ballast, and hood and you'll be good to go. It's worth the few hundred. Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
    uh..bullshit, the info you wants is just failed to find it.
  9. [quote name="cball" post="19396636" timestamp="1390545324"]uh..bullshit, the info you wants is just failed to find it.[/quote]I most certainly didSent from my iPhone

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