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  1. I am wanting to grow a couple smaller sized plants in my closet. I have been doing some research and chose the Northern Light and lowryder strains. I have a 400w HPS, 53k Lumens lamp. I am wondering what the minimum and max plants I can grow under this one light are? I don't want to suffocate them nor give them too much light. What's the appropriate ratio for the light and the number of plants (considering the strains that I have), to grow in a closet space? Thanks
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    Good choice with Northern Lights! I've been growing that since I've started growing and haven't stopped.
    The answer to your question: the amount of plants totally depends on several factors:
    1.) The size of your closet. What are the dimensions in square footage and cubic footage?
    The height will determine how much vertical space you have to work with--which dictates how tall your plants can grow.
    The square footage will determine how wide your plants can get, and/or how many plants you can combine in your space.
    Other things that will matter are...
    2.) The size of your pots. That will determine how much space you use, horizontally and vertically; which will also determine how many plants you can fit in your space. Bigger pots will grow bigger plants, which will equal less room to grow more plants...of course you will figure out the trade-off based on the space you have to work with!
    3.) Your ventilation. How will you be venting; outside of the grow area or within it? Will you be using a carbon filter? Do you have an exhaust fan and ducting to vent your space? What are the average room temps currently? (temps will definitely rise significantly during lights-on)
    If you can provide a few more details, we can give you advice that's more specific to your grow!
  3. I actually just got a grow tent to fit into my closet. It's 36x24x72 perfect for small grow. I'm guessing 1-2 small plants. I also got 9.5L pot that drains at the bottom and for ventilation, the tent has 3 holes for ventilation. I am thinking of hooking up an inflow fan at the bottom and outflow exhaust at the top of the tent. I'm a little worried how hot it may get in the tent from my light. The light had 3 settings, 50%, 75%, and 100% and I was thinking of maybe setting it at 50 or 75 as I start and end at 100%. I also have a red LED I am planning to use in addition with my auto's. Also the tent is Mylar lined. Thanks!

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  4. I forgot to mention, I am going to use Ona gel for now to control the odor instead of investing in a carbon filter. Do you know of any good carbon filter setups that run cheap?

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  5. I'd say just see how many pots you can cover with that light, probably at least 6 plants

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