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  1. Anyone know of a good grow light for $50-75 on the market? New grower but don’t want to spend a lot , Any help is appreciated thank you
  2. I would look into used HPS setups. I payed $200 for two 1k HPS with hoods, bulbs, and ballasts, so you should be able to find a used 600 watt setup for $80 or less. You'll also need an inline fan for cooling and ventilation.
  3. HID lights (MH/HPS) are relatively cheap. When you get your electric bill you will think differently.

    LEDs use 30% less or more.
  4. Alright thanks for the info , do you know of any relatively cheap led lights out there? Don’t want to spend too much but also want to do it right
  5. Alright sweet thanks for the info , would eBay be a good place to look for one? And also does it add a lot to you’re electricity bill? Just going to be doing a 2 plant grow so don’t think I’ll need too much wattage. And I got a fan online , but I’m thinking I’ll need another too , is it one for the grow and one for the ventilation? This is the fan I got upload_2019-7-20_14-51-48.png
  6. You get what you pay for is absolutely true for weed.
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  7. Lighting as well.
  8. I've heard some people using LED work site lights as well, those are cheaper than actual grow lights and readily available at any DIY store. I'm actually consideting adding one to my indoor area, to complement the one I have already.

    I suggest using LEDs simply because of your electricity bill.....
  9. I figured as much , just don’t wanna break my bank on a grow light, but if I need to spend more to get quality I will
  10. Alright awesome , I’ll check those out , do they have good results compared to a regular led grow? Thanks for the info
  11. I'm afraid I have no info on this. I just don't see hpow they would be any worse with similar specs. Well, I'm gonna give it a try in the fall when I need to supplement daylight again.
  12. Ah no worries , I’ll do some research and see which are the best I can find for a good price and let you know . Either gonna use those or just get a $75 led grow light not sure yet
  13. I had decent results with a growstar 600 watt light for single plant micro grow, but now only use it for far red in flower (edit) now. 20190707_164759.jpg
    Something like 60 bucks on amazon. 180 true watts if I remember right.
  14. Throw another 30-40$ with it and get a qb off alibaba
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  15. Agreed. Most of those even have far red uv included.
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  16. Alright thanks for the info , I think I’ll prolly spend a lil more to get a better one so I can have the best results as possible
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  17. Alright I’ll check em out , thanks for the info
  18. If ur on Instagram check out @sgreenlab he made qb a lil bigger to spread the heat. They run a lot cooler

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