Grow Light Confusion, Questions.

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by KrunksGroove, Jun 23, 2014.

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     I am getting a 600 watt light with reflector hood and ballast (HID)
     I am concerned about burning my house down by cause a short circuit or blowing up the light. Do I just blug the light into the ballast and plug the ballast into my outlet?
    I plan on using 2 different circuits in my home to power all equipment. Light on 1 circuit, fans, pumps, etc on another.
    I'm doing a hydroponic grow in a 4x4x7 foot grow tent. I plan on growing 4 plants for my very first grow. Can anyone offer any advice on wiring lights and everything else, to calm me?

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    A 600 watt light is nothing, a toaster or microwave use 1,500 watts.
    you are fine.
    start from fem seeds or clones.
  3. Yeah, I have some fem seeds. Thanks for your answer.
    You are going to love hydro as long as you dont stress and fuck with things every 5 minutes.
    They have soup, the lights are on then leave them alone and let them grow.
  5. You'll sort things out. Ventilation, odor control, nutrients.

    Have a reliable pH pen and good truncheon or EC pen... :)

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