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  1. Well I think its about time I start a journel. I have 2 plants, both sprouted on 3/26/11. They are growing slow because I dont have a good amount of lights (dont criticize) I know I am supposed to have 150 actual watts for 2 plants with CFL's but only have 200 equivalent watts right now so they are of course small. Im proud of them though and am more than happy to share :cool:

    Strain - both are some kind of purps
    Soil - Fox Farm Ocean Forest
    Lights - 200 equivalent watt CFL's

    The temp. is constantly kept between 75 and 80 and can be adjusted. Also have a humidifier to keep some moisture in there since I live in Colorado (dry). I did my final (maybe) transplant today and they are looking good.



    I am not looking for the highest yield or dankest buds, just something to sit and toke on for personal use. I am open to all help excluding people telling me I dont have enough lights. Thank you for stopping by. Ill update every now and then when theres some progress.
  2. Looks good so far. She looks healthy. :smoke:
  3. Thank you, the littler one on the bottom was a little overwatered while I was away for 4/20 but still looks great :cool:
  4. K well, Got more lights. Now about 6 weeks or so into veg so its time to start Flowering. Now I have 5 CFLs 130 actual watts (500 equivalent). 2 of which have the blue in their light spectrum and 3 have the red in their light spectrum for flowering. At 10:00 pm tonight they got their lights shut off for the start of 12/12.



  5. Looks cool man. What kinda setup are they in?

  6. Nothing special. Simple CFL grow. 5 100watt cfls, Fox Farm ocean forest soil, humidifer, temp controller (very specific), and purified mountain water. I havent added any nutes yet and they seem to be doing fine with whats already in the soil. Nothing special like a SCROG setup or anything. I might still want to top but idk. Both strains are some kind of purps. They look very different but are pretty close in genetics. I have a nice space built in the wall for them that has a lower section and a higher section. The lower section is about 3x3x3 which is where they are now. The higher section is about 3x3x5 so once they get too tall I can move them there. I just gota figure out how to set up my lights once I move them since there is nothing to anchor them to
  7. Looking good man. I'll keep watching because I love plants in flower!

    Where you located in CO?

  8. Ive lived all over Colorado in the past couple years but just recently moved to South Park :cool: No joke...right by where the show was based actually.

    Thanks though, hopefully theyll show signs of sex soon. Theyre kinda showing but very very small and can barely see. 1 fem, and 1 male im guessing but im gonna wait alittle longer. Your plants doing great though, it should start growing pretty fast from now on.
  9. Cool South Park is a sweet area. Good luck with your grow! Thanks for the help with my plant.
  10. Southpark episode proposition: While scheming ways to make more money, Cartman engages those folks he claims to hate - the hippies. One "hippie," wise beyond Cartman's years, tells Cartman that if he grows these "magic beans" they will make plants that generate lots of money.

    So of course Cartman gets the rest of the gang to help him set up a grow in his Mom's basement - closely following the "magic bean growing instructions" as indicated by old torn-up paperback the hippie provided.

    The possibilities in this premise are endless :)

    (Just typed all that to sub in. How's it goin?) :smoking:
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    She's pretty :D
    Did you make sure to remove the light on the oven though. I might be over-the-top on lighting but I drilled out the little glowlight so it wouldn't shine red everywhere. Sorta reminds me that I need one of those ovens but with a termostat so I can set it to 19 and not having to worry at nighttimes :)

    edit: why don't you LST them. get some coat hangers and make some hooks. your pot looks well big enough for it. just a thought. assuming height is an issue. maybe the angle of the pictures are fooling me


  12. hahahahhahahaha Actually that sounds like a pretty plausible South Park Episode!

    Also I agree with the poster above. Time to put a screen over that bad boy or start bending those stems! Especially if you are worried about space!

  13. Haha that would be awesome, id tivo that in a would be sick as a uncensored movie:smoke:
    Going great, I think the smaller plant is a male and the bigger one a female. They are barely showing anything yet but im almost certain the little one is a male which i was sorta expecting one to be anyways so im glad its the smaller one. Im gonna wait a little bit longer to be sure though since its still early in flowering.

  14. They arent in an oven, thats a great idea though haha :smoke:
  15. Space isnt really an issue. The spot they are in right now is built into the wall and goes all the way to the ceiling (8 feet). Its seperated at about 3 feet though so the bottom is 3 feet and the top part is 5 feet high. Plenty of room. I plan on moving them up there anyways once I figure out how to set up my lighting. I do really want to try out LST anyways though, I just dont know that much about it or how to go about starting it. Ive read all kinds of threads on it over the past couple months but still not really sure haha. I dont want to accidentally break or bend the main stem too much.
  16. hey, you should think about
    Topping and LST them. They are at the age where you should start that. it will double your overall yield.

  17. do a full strip bong rip

  18. Id love to top them but doesnt that slow down harvest time? LST makes me alittle nervous bending the main stem and shit...

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