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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by DaWodin, Apr 18, 2002.

  1. Today I'm starting up a grow journal because I finally got off my ass and started growing my own.
    Cleaned out grow space, started germinating seeds

    Set up closet
    Put in table, put soil in pots, put foil on walls, set up movible light

    Seeds sprouted
    planted seeds, left out tap water to...purify

    i plan to put up sum pics as soon as i get my friends digital camera
  2. does the distiling of the water make that much of a difference vs chlorinated water is it noticeable
  3. ok....the last of my seeds germinated and i put them in soil today.
    problem #1 the light that i bought ran on batteries, i thought i'd have a few days of battery power...turns out i got less than 9 hours...not a prob, plants hadn't started to pop out of the soil yet. i have a day or two until the plants need light right?
    problem #2 i need to get an electric cord into that closet without being suspicious

    seems all my problems were solved as of 11:58 PST...cause thats when my mom walked into my grow closet

    i told her that i was growing flowers for her upcoming birthday and wanted to be a suprize (thats y it wasnt outside)....she accepted that answer and went away but i dont think she believed me. i took out the seeds and hid them (maybe she'll be cool with it and let me grow them) but as of right now i think this project is terminated....and i gotta shell out a few bux to buy flower seeds and make my lie concievable
  4. somebody's getting grounded!
  5. Man you got busted Lol.....

  6. i thought it over and im'a gonna let them grow(with no need to hide them!)...i rationalize it like this:

    the mj will flower right? so technically its not a lie
  7. Dude, before I moved out I ran into the same parental problem.. and so I just decided to tellem. At first they were like fuck that.. but after I explained the logistics.. it was cool. Plus its just a huge fucking weight off your shoulders ;-)
  8. I would want to tell my parents, but my parents are so anti-marijuana so I think I'm ok with that weight on my shoulders and a nice glade plug-in.

  9. Welcome to the club ;)
  10. I think my mom was a hippie so i dont think she would go crazy if she found me growing

  11. Man ..did this thread ever do a flip flop...But..yea..there would be flowers ,,if you don't get caught and

  12. ok it took a while and sum major sweating but I'm finally back on track. I got past sum major and sum minor hurdles which i will not go over due to their boringness. I got my plants potted, and growing nicely. I intended to post a pic but the digicam i borrowed is broken (*#@*%@*#%$) as soon as i get a WORKING digicam I'll show off what i have [​IMG]

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