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    Hi there guys and gals its TC again and I'm back with another grow. Last grow was my first ever grow and it turned out quiet well. I am just now finishing up smoking it all so I decided it was time for grow number two! Now that I have learned alot about growing cannabis I should be able to grow some nice bud. The first grow was such a journy I decided to start a journal for this grow. I will be posting a new pic everyday until the plant is done growing. So if you would like to follow my plants, please stick around to see how it goes. Below is my first picture. I started the plant from seed and it is now about 3 weeks old. Anyways, time to go get toked:smoking: up so sit back and enjoy my journal.

  2. nice dude, i'll be tuned in. what kinda lights are you using? is that just dwc?

    lookin good so far.
  3. I am using a 400W HPS with a digital Future Brite ballast. The setup is hydroponics. I have a water pump in the bucket which continiously pumps water through the two tubes to the base of the plant then filters back into the bucket. Pretty simple to make, just gotta get a little creative. I could grow several plants with the light I have but I just don't have the space because i live in a one bedroom apartment.
  4. oh ya duh i see those tubes now. so those aren't net pots correct? sweet can't wait to see how it turns out. what kind of ventilation? nutes? odor control?

    sorry for tons o' questions. just curious.
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    No those aren't net pots. You will actually be surprised what they are. I took what was suppose to be bed post lifters which are basically upside down buckets and drilled many holes in it. So basically I just re-fabricated the whole bucket. Only cost me 5$ for 4 buckets so it was cheaper than buying net pots. For ventilation I just keep the closet door open during the day with a 24" box fan blowing on it from about 3-4 feet away. When I get ready to go to bed just before the light shuts off I close the door to light proof it. For the nutes I just use miracle grow tomato stuff for veg and miracle grow bloom booster during flowering. I couldn't afford to buy 50-100$ for good nutes at the moment. I do not have any odor control as that is not really an issue with it just being me here. If I have a visitor or somthing I just stuff everything in the closet and spray some deodorizer. HaHa.
  6. nice! and i guess what i'm really asking is, do the roots sit in the water or are they mostly contained within a container of hydroton. if the latter, are you using any kind of bubblestone? or is the hydroton spacing/waterfall effect (assuming there is one) enough for your system?
  7. No I do not have any bubble stones as it is really not needed here. It might help yes but not a necessity. The roots grow through holes I drilled in the bucket and sit in the water. Once the roots hit the water the plant just absolutely takes off. It may seem ghetto but its a one of a kind DIY that works great for me.
  8. cool design, the cycling of the water probaly actualy aerates the water nicely. No need for a bubblestone in you setup! ill be watching this one:wave:
  9. How come you did not post your journal in the Grow Journals forum?
  10. I did not know there was a grow journal section. Sorry about that. If a mod would like to move this topic to the grow journals section please do so. Thanks.

    I will be adding another update tonight.
  11. Do I see foil on the walls ? lol
  12. Nope its a mylar emergency blanket;)
  13. Thank god! Looks good man I'm looking foward to these getting big.
  14. i'd be curious to see what would happen if you added a bubblestone or two.
  15. Oooo i missed that yeah it would really help.
  16. Well for some reason i couldn't upload the pic last night so here it is anyways. Its gotten about an inch taller.

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