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Grow Journal

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by generic98547, Jun 5, 2017.

  1. You can spray them with sns 217 spray also.
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  2. I'm purchasing some capt jacks today (spinosad) to further combat the bastards.
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  3. #343 generic98547, Nov 7, 2017
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    My small special queens are pretty much done... The one on the left is looking fine at least the one on the right looks like it could use another week so I'll be chopping next weekend or so... They are getting real fat and dense... Even getting really nice crisp fox tailing looks like they are going to be legit lol
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    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] I get sticky just looking at them lol... and of course as soon as they are finished that second QB goes in the tent to further improve my big girls... Hopefully they don't get to stunted from the massive defol and continue trucking on.
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  5. Looking great!!! wish I can try some!
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  6. #346 generic98547, Nov 7, 2017
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    I'm just glad they are bug free lol. I am curious to try them as well... My special queen has never grow like this before lol always a lot more fluffy you could say... But these girls are getting so dense they are foxtailing and just looking perfect lol... Never thought I'd have buds that looked that frosty and vibrant with a 60$ light... Hoping to keep it that away as I'd hate to see bugs on any of my buds lol. Sprayed the bottoms of my plants and the soils with the mite killer Loki recommended I purchase. Sprayed the tops with plain water... Didn't want to use the spray on the tops yet because my lights are on.. Only running one 60W tonight so I can drop temps to 55-60 degrees. Will spray the top portion of the plants with the mite killer right before lights off. One qb120 added in my tent makes a hell of a noticeable difference in quality as well so in definitely excited to add that second QB in my tent for the last half of flower... even with the mite issue im being optimistic and aiming for 10-12 ounces out of the tent alone which I think can easily happen... These girls are 100x more stacked than my previous SQ's... The buds are already stacked up much more than any of my previous grows especially at this stage so I'm being optimistic of getting my largest colas yet as well. would like to get a 7G cola though I know I'm just getting cocky now... I'll be happy to make it to harvest lol.
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  7. Hi, generic! Just thought I might share stuff in your thread, if you want. I'm in a 5x5 tent in 5gal coco mix hempy buckets and usually get about a lb per bucket, (2 at a time usually) so usually 2 lb of fem photos per run. Just got some Red Purps coming up! (gonna pull 2 smallest 2 next week). Each bucket will make an lb. DSCN6177.JPG DSCN6212.JPG DSCN6293.JPG DSC_0014.JPG DSCN6596.JPG DSCN0010.JPG
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    Looks great I'd love to have a setup like that lol... Nice yields small dense ass plants with large colas and you could add in all the strains you want

    I chopped one of my small plants just now and the other is getting three days of dark... Probably could of went longer but oh well I'm out of smoke and they are frosty and smelling great... Crohns fucking sucks and one bowl takes away all the cramping and pain so don't judge it's truely medicine for me lol[​IMG][​IMG]

    I'm not going to get a large yield at all lol... Originally this grow wasn't for a QB and it was also three plants... One was slacking so I tossed it before she could root into my other girls.. they were all small because I was only going to use screw in LED's and CFL's just for a small grow but then I got the QB120 lol... If I would have known what I know now that garbage can would of been halfway full with a small scrog and top colas lol. But again it was originally just for an ounce or two of weed which is all I'm going to probably get but it is frosty and great looking... Still some white hairs that are rather fat but most should turn red during dry and cure though I know all want from previous experience lol.

    My small grow did somehow remain 100% bug free lol so odd... The tent got hit with all those mites out of nowhere but neither of my other areas are affected even though they are by no means sealed off.
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  9. Your plant is tiny, but the buds look great! Dense and frosty. I'll take quality over quantity every time. Excellent job bro!
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    Girls are still trucking along... Not noticing much more activity (mite wise) it's definitely been significantly dying down. I stuck my head under the canopy and just started looking at the undersides of the leaves and I'm just seeing one here and one there 90%+ of my leaves seem fine. (Knock on wood) [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] the one odd thing would be the fact that some buds have lots of red hairs while some barely have any red hairs.
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  11. Looks amazing man.. nice buds.. looks FIRE!!!!

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  12. Thanks just tryna make it to harvest lol... May do a bud wash may not idk yet it will greatly depend on how things go with the mites in the next couple weeks. From what Ive heard spinosad doesn't stick around long at all when the lights are on so that's good but I'm still going to try and stop spraying within the two weeks remaining mark..
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  13. Yummy!!!
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  14. Between the two girls I got 33 grams. Should hold me over for a bit while my other girls keep going. My not be my largest yield but it's definitely potent and absolutely covered in frost compared to any of my other girls that's for sure. It's like looking at a diamond ... it was just a small side grow anyhow I'm damn happy to have some good smoke and hopefully my other plants turn into some good smoke. [​IMG]
  15. Quite the sugar show you got going on; hope my latest wave frosts up like that. I've got two waves of three on short hours actually; mainline profile on the elders and monkey knuckles on the young ones. Four under a 400 watt HPS (buffered by twin T8s mixed with 4100k and 6500k) and two beneath two 300 watt LEDs.
    IMG_20171113_231322.jpg IMG_20171113_231258.jpg
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    They are all looking nice and healthy should turn out to be a lot of good smoke. Yes she was very frosty stickiest buds I've grown yet lol... Hoping my tent grow still gives me a halfway decent yield and good quality.

    Do you have a metal halide lamp as well as the HPS? I know some growers like to switch back to the MH the last week because they believe it will make the buds frostier.

    They are getting rather frosty though that's for sure [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
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  17. I do, thanks for the heads up. Could begin a routine of two weeks HPS - two weeks MH just to diversify.
  18. No problem I'm by no means an HID grower nor have I ever been so you may want to look into it more but for what I understand MH puts out more UV thus more trichomes or you could always buy a reptile bulb for extra UV but idk it's just all personal preference lol.
  19. The wife bought a dozen Halloween black light bulbs (75 watt) that have been sitting in a closet for a few years; wonder if they might offer something?

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