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    Note: this is not meant to be related to my other post, "Newbie In Distress". This is just a journal of my growing.

    Attached pics are days one through three of my grow. Starting off in a Dr. Pepper can then switching to a styrofoam cup in a week or two. I have it in aluminum because it gets cood in my room and aluminum conducts heat so, while it gets warm, it does not bake the roots of the plant. On day one and today, I used some nutrients my friend gave to me and it has made the plant grow nicely so far. It's day three and the plant is at 1 and 3/4 inches.

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    Soil looks pretty WET...

    Did a Beaver trim that can for ya ? [​IMG]

    They have places for grow journals... I think you have power to edit more there..
    Just because it's YOUR journal...

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    At day three your plant isn't using nutes bro. First week or two of life is supported by the little round leaves(cotyledons). You should look up ultimate grow dvd 1 on youtube, it will help you immensely. I only say this because it helped me a lot.
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  4. same here. Jorge is wonderful! i still suck though :)
  5. I really hope it grows and you can call the plant Dr pepper
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  6. Don't use nutes yet. Don't transplant yet until roots form well enough to hold some of the medium. Make sure you have holes in the bottom of the can. If you plan to use cfls (assuming here) pick you up one thats color temp is 6400ish on the Kelvin scale (should say right on the box, can get them almost anywhere) use plan water till you have a few nodes at least. The plant will speak to you. Keep your light within 6 inches of the seedling. Rule of thumb, keep your light as close as possible without burn, put your hand under the light for 15 seconds. If it doesn't burn you, the plant will be good. And then just adjust distance accordingly as the plant grows in height. Hopefully the nutes should be fine that you've already gave. What kind of soil are you using?

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  7. And let that soil dry out for a day before watering again. Don't ever feel like any question is dumb here, if you question it it's only because someone in life has an answer. Happy growing, I will follow to provide input along the way. Wish you more success than my first grow.

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  8. If your using CFLs you want them 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 inches away at the most 3" if that's what your using. If there any higher there most likely to Stretch like there doing now. Unless your using the sun lol. What ever light your using get it closer to the top of the plant.
    Good Luck

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  9. Yes. However it looks like he's using a desk light with I'd assume a regular bulb (assuming again) much too close for a light of that type.

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