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Discussion in 'Marijuana Grow Journals' started by production, Jan 9, 2003.

  1. Ahh let's begin with my setup, currently i have one plant growing under dual 40w floro's, the plant is in a styrofoam cup, now on with the current progress.

    Day 1: placed 3 seeds into a paper towel and moistend then i sealed them up in a plastic bag

    Day 3: Placed the single germinated seed into the cup filled with dirt and watered it

    Day 5: Seedling broke through the dirt and the seed case fell off

    Day 7: first set of serated leaves has formed, nice and fingerlike [possible sativa] also watered plants

    Day 10: watered plants, 3 leaved internodes have began to form

    Day 13: moved lights up a bit

    Day 14: watered plants

    Day 16: watered plants and adjusted lights

    Day 19: watered plants

    Day 21: watered and adjusted lights

    Day 25: Plants are at 3.7 inches and the set's of 5 or 4 have formed

    Updates soon with pixs n such
  2. Here's a top veiw of the plant

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  3. ...mix up :/

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  4. not a big update today but; i watered the plants earlier around noon and i noticed the plant has begin to smell[damn it smells good] also began a very small scale CO2 enrichment idea and added a 20 watt MH bulb i got from home depotwe shall see how well this works, also the second set of 5 leaves has began to show

    more pictures sometime
  5. I'd highly reccomend a powerfull hps light, i't would help to get your plant very bushy= more buds.....Peace out....Sid
  6. i might be stepping up to 2 175w MH bulbs if i can get the cash together by tuesday, otherwise i will buy more floro's and hope for the best, but after im done trying this first grow here i will try to get a 1k MH and maybe try hydro
  7. Day 27; Transplanted into a generic 5 gallon bucket filled with the same dirt but i added some perlite to the mix and filled the botton with large rocks to provide o2 to the root system, also watered thoroughly with a weak rooting solution, stay tuned for more updates pictures will b posted monday or tuesday when i score another set of fluro's

  8. Day 29: Plant is doin fan-fuckin-tastic, it is now under 4 40w fluro's and it is beginin to get that funk smell ;} i tried to get some pics but when i went to transfer them i fried the damn usb card so sometime within the next 2-3 days i will get them up

    Grow Safe & Peace
  9. Day 32: Plant is doing very well, also it may die today because of the massive snowing[possible power outages] i also watered it today with some ferts and you can actually notice the growth now, neways will update later today
  10. You had better start flowering soon, especially if it's a sativa. What are you gonna add for ferts?
  11. Day 35: Watered with weak peter's 20-20-20 and removed the last set of 3 leaves, added a few night crawlers to the soil, also i wont flower until the plant is around 12 to 14 inchs, it is showing that it is afemale plant[YAY!!!!!!!!] and i cant find neone with a digicam so pictures must wait
  12. if you haven't flowered the plant yet how can you tell it's a female?....was it a clone?....or did you do the black bag test?.....Peace out.....Sid
  13. i used one of the pre-sexing guides to check it against :p, also i have noticed my plant grows a fuck of alot faster when the temp is right at 80 maybe it's the genetics :p
  14. you can buy a pre-sexing kit??....what does that contain? and how much is it?'s new to me so excuse all the questions, do you take a sample and use the kit to determine? early can it tell? and what does it do with if a plants a hermie?....Peace out...Sid
  15. never heard of those.
  16. lol....oops...thought i was onto a winner there!! would be nice, just jag it with a little needle and put it on a bit of paper and if it's turns blue you're a out...Sid
  17. rofl@kit, no im going by the guide on, all signs oint to female, also i watered the chick today and noticed the amazing growth from all stem area that wasnt there yesterday, and sid my web host is bein a bitch so ima have 2 wait on that guide, thanks and bye
  18. post more pics! i'd liek to see the development thanks!
  19. Day 44: good to be back on the boards, damn ISP. newayz im watering the plant almost every 3 days now and giving increased nute's, the plant is loving them to death. Plant is growing leave sets from every internode and taking a purplish tint to her, more on the pre flower's - long white hairlike little babies. Smell is way more noticable and i havent even thought of flowering yet >:}

  20. Female picture, lovely little white pistels stuff

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