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Grow Journal Program

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by TheYoungster, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. Aye guys, I've been browsing this site for some time and recently started my own grow and I came up with the idea of writing a program to help keep track of my grow and I was wondering if you guys would be interested in the program once it's finished (still in the beginning stages) and if so, what features and such would you like to see?

    Here's a screen shot of what it currently looks like :


    This is what I currently got (not much), but I started it about 15 minutes ago. The concept I currently have is a user can create a grow and once it's created they can load the grow, which will take them to a new window which will be the actual journal and the journal (at this point in time) will include :
    - Strains associated with that grow.
    - A way to log watering, feeding, and transplanting.
    - An area where you can add your own notes.
    - Ability to create a watering and feeding schedule and set reminders.
    - Ability to add pictures of progress to each particular strain.

    So, if you would be interested in this program and have any suggestions, please feel free to leave 'em below. Thanks!
  2. no offense but first post, suspicious much?
  3. I didn't really think about that, I've been browsing this forum for a couple months, but never registered (didn't see a reason to), until today. But yeah, I see where you're coming from, but I have no intention of trying to spread malicious software or anything like that. I just had the idea of an electronic grow journal and thought I'd share my idea with GC. But if there's enough interest in my program, when it's finished, I'll be more than happy to share the source code.
  4. Were good, and I will continue to do it the old fashioned way by typing it ;)

  5. Word. I just thought I'd share my idea and see what the people though. :D
  6. Fuck the haters, it looks like an ahk script or somethin tho.
    Definitely keep working on it, I would be interested in the finished product.
    PM me if you want a beta tester capable of providing valuable feedback
  7. Just off the top of my head:

    Loading by way of typing the name would be shitty, make the GUI a touch bigger and make it draw from a default folder location and display a list of clickable files. One click would offer a preview in the preview pane ala win7 folder view. Two clicks would load the journal.
    Make the default folder location customizeable for the security-conscious. Add some code for stripping uploaded images of geolocations, ala imgur, if possible, and if not, add some sort of warning for the hapless because seriously, fuck the gestappo.
    A way to hyperlink areas of the notes section to images for reference.
    (ex) day 27, topped and the hyperlink could be clickable and open up a picture of said topping.
    It seems like a daunting task, because like, an excell style layout with areas for input would leave a lot out, but I guess so does my little notepad I got going.
    Definitely leave out the 'like' and 'publish to facebook' features =D

  8. First off, thanks for the support and feedback, also the scripting language I'm using for this project is called "Auto It v3", I know multiple other languages, but this one's simple and perfect for the job, oh and I'll most likely take you up on your offer as a beta tester once it has all the basics implemented.

    As for the loading, you don't have to type anything, the "load screen" GUI has a drop-down list that lists all of the grows. Oh and for the security-conscious, I plan on making almost everything customization and adding a login section to the start of the program as well as encryption on text-based files to ensure security. Also, I'm not too sure why you brought up GEO information or anything to do with the Internet, all imagines associated with a grow will be saved on the local computer. Furtner more, I love the idea of hyperlinks within the notes, I'll design it so you can associate words to images by adding tags, such as "[pic=file location]topped[/pic]", and when you clink the link, it opens up a side window with the image.

    Oh and here's a picture of the "load screen" GUI with grows actually added to it :


    Also a look at the file system, stores the journal in an INI (settings) file and assoicates it with a specific folder which is named in the format of "24hour-min-month-day-year" :

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    Keep up the good work. Hard to submit ideas for implementation without having it in front of me. Lookin forward to the rough draft =)

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