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    New grow started. Just put the 2 germinated seeds into the dirt. Used the good ol' reliable damp paper towel method to get them started.
     Starting the seeds in Fox Farm Bush Doctor Coco Loco, then will move them to large 5 gallon Smart Pots. The smart Pots will be a mixture of; Fox Farm Soils, Happy Frog, Ocean Forest and Bush Doctor Coco Loco that I bought last month and I added 3 lbs. of worm castings to this mix. I store the soil in Sterlite plastic tubs.
    I used a garden prong thingy to mix all the soils together and then added 3 containers of Red Wrigglers from Wal-Mart fishing department. With the current and upcoming cool/cold weather the worms will thrive. Just have to throw some fruit and vegetable scraps on top every now and then. The only new soil was the Coco Loco. I always re-use my soils.
    I also added 2 gallons of water mixed with 6 oz. of black strap molasses because an experienced grower on youtube suggested doing that to provide a quick shot of nourishment to the microbes in the organic soil. So I've got enough soil to do good things for awhile I hope.
    Growing 1 Dinafem Fruit Auto and 1 Delicious Seed Auto Northern Light Blue
    I'm going with an 18/6 light cycle. Running them from 9 P.M. to 3 P.M. I am using a 600w Ushio Hi-lux Gro HPS bulb.
    LSS--I'm growing weed and love what I'm doing. Autos this time. Organic soil.

  2. What makes that coco so loco? :ey: ...
    Sorry, some of these names makes me really :confused:
    You mean besides the price?
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    Mainly just the price. I just had the $ to pick it up. I recycle my organic soil, but was needing something to mix in for a recharge, if you will.
    One of the girls has sprouted. The other one was slow, so I threw in another seed of the Fruit. So now , unless 2 seeds come forth from one pot, I'll be going for 2 of the Juice type.
  5. So a seed just popped thru in the pot I had to poke another seed in. There are 2 seeds in the pot, but I'm believing the Northern Light Blue Auto did not make it thru. I might have buried her a mm to deep.
    Ran an experiment on them already. Mixed a micro drop of FF Grow Big with 8oz of water. Didn't water directly on the stem. Water went around the edge so as to soak in away from the stem.

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  6. 10 days in and two seeds have come forth and are in great shape. Going to be transplanting them into the 5 gallon Smartpots tomorrow. I decided to go ahead and run the MH bulb on them instead of using just the HPS bulb. I read things about only needing an HPS for Autos, but saw a video about growing Autos that showed using the MH for 4 weeks then switching to the HPS bulb. So I got my lights the way they should be now.
  7. 12 days since putting in small germination type pots.I moved the two ladies to their final grow spot today. Snowy day, decided to be productive and transplant the 2 Dinafem Fruit autos into 3 gallon Smartpots. The smaller of the two is the one that I had to start after the other seed didn't pop. Hoping for a late December/early January harvest.
    I high;y recommend these grow containers. Wish I would have had 2 5 gallon, but 3 will have to do.
    Hoping I didn't stress them to much. Here's a short round of pics. 

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  8. The auto flowering plants survived being transplanted. They seem to be maintaining alright in the 3 gallon smartpots. Looking forward to watching them develop into some fine plants.
  9. Wish you good luck with the grow man! I've got some sucessful grows, but I never grew auto plants or in a organic soil. But I think, that's is what I will do the next time, auto's on organic. So, if you need some help, feel free to ask, I will answer anything I can. I subbed to see how this grows, and hopefully will also learn something with it to prepare better my grow :)
  10. Been tending to the 2 ladies needs. Almost 22 days in so far and the girls look good. Seems they have been drinking a lot of water. I've been using the weight to determine watering needs and they've been light again after 2 days. Have splashed very light doses of FF Grow Big and Big Bud too.
    Looked at them tonight under a 30x loupe and saw 1 of the 2 (remember one of the autos was planted a few days after the other) had pistils and starting to show light trichs or at least the white things appear based on my past exp. to be trichs. Really pleased with how they are developing. I'll post pics after T-Day. They're going to be on their own for a few days.
  11. Watered the ladies yesterday with compost tea. Hope they show a growth spurt when I see them in 2 days. I've been trimming off the bottom leaves as they get taller. Trying to achieve a 4" clear area around the bottom of them from the lower leaves to the soil. Learning as I grow is my motto.
  12. anxious for those pics man
  13. I'll be back home today. I'll post some tonight.
  14. Nice would like to see. We started around same time.
  15. What strains/type are you growing? I got two Dinafem Fruit Autos that I got as freebies from a previous order. I actually got 5 seeds but I only do 2 plants at a time. That may be changing though, as I am thinking about getting a grow tent. 
    I'll post pics up as soon as I get back home later today. I'm looking forward to see how they've grown since Wednesday.
  16. Nice.
    I'm doing three white widow autos, a purple haze, an amnesia haze, and a super skunk.
    That's at my house.
    I'm at my boys sowing seeds in a 5x5 tent right now. Doing all autos here. Not sure what he bought.
  17. at Bobbys we got six autos. 2 each: White WIdow, Amnesia Haze, and Northern Lights.
    Bout to start a journal.  Lookin forward to the pics.
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    Sounds like you all got a good grow going. I got home this P.M. and dang those bitches were thirsty. I soaked them on Wednesday with the gallon of compost tea between the 2 of them, plus 1/2 gallon of plain water.
    They drank up a 1/2 gallon each tonite, which isn't a bunch, bunch, but's it's a drink in a 3 gallon pot.
    Here's some pics @ 25 days after being put in soil.

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  19. Dang I got to go clean that table top. Got some stains there.
  20. I think you have your humidity to low man, do you have a humidity meter? Try keep it at 40/50% during flowering, and at max 70% while veg.

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