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  1. Hi guys I have decided I'm going to do a grow Journal for my first DWC grow today's date is June 15th and there already 4 weeks in so better late then never to start a journal! I will try to be a descriptive and informative as I can hope you guys enjoy!
    So let's get started,
    List of materials:
    600w hps /mh bulbs
    6" Inline duct fan
    Dryer vent tubing
    4 five gallon buckets
    2 air pumps
    Rotary fan
    Net pots
    Plastic tubing
    4 air stones
    Charcole filter
    Silver vent tape
    GH Flora trio
    PH pen
    PH down
    2 Green crack seeds
    Hyrdroton clay pellets

    So I'll fill you guys in on what I did the first 4 weeks

    Week 1 was a quick week as it took me a day to build a small grow room in my basement out of 2x4's reflective insulated boards and some particle board nothing crazy just a 4x8 box that's insulated and drywalled on the outside

    Week 2 I germinated the seeds with the paper towel method 24 hours the tap root shows and I planted them in soil and put them under the grow light at 50% for 24 hours of light for a week till they sprouted no nutrients yet as they still got there baby leafs.

    Week 3 I transplanted then to there forever home which was the hyrdroton pellets and net pots with the DWC setup with 1/4 strength nutrients.

    Week 4 - this is where I currently am at and I will post updates every Sunday with photos!. So next post will be Sunday June 30th.
    But the end of week 3 I topped both plants and started to mainline as I will be making 8 main colas for each and a total of 16 between the 2 plants I also upped the nutrients to 1/2 strength.

    Photos attached.

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  2. Im subbed up, DWC is awesome
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  3. Thanks! Will be posting every Sunday with photos
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  4. I’ll tag along. :watching:
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  5. I looked I to perhaps configuring one but will see what happens if they get to top heavy which would be a great problem I might just scrog them why not? First time growing might as well go all out haha

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  6. Ok so here we are! As I said before they got there first hair cut and there arms are looking beefy! Waiting for it to grow 4/5 nodes and will too again down to the third on both sides and let her recover again ppm's are around 900-1100 pH is sitting around 5.98-6.02 gonna also increase her ppm up to 1300 as I don't see any signs of burnbyet and want to make sure she has as much to her avalible as possible photos to follow! MVIMG_20190623_112321.jpg MVIMG_20190623_112307.jpg IMG_20190623_112304.jpg

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  7. Ok next week has passed! Little update they were topped again and the one is growing virgorisoly the other not so much due to a damaged stem so I will bend her next week and hopefully have my last topping done and then it's just grow baby grow!
    Ppm's the same 900-1100 pH 6.0-6.15 let's goooo IMG_20190702_130336.jpg IMG_20190702_130356.jpg MVIMG_20190702_130349.jpg

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  8. Looks like a great mainline you got going there. Any reason why you chose this method instead of lst/supercropping?

    I mainline a plant a few yrs ago when I was growing in soil and it put the plant back like 4 weeks by the time I was done. Maybe it has less of an impact in hydro?

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  9. It does set it back, these 2 are begin with there 4 year old seeds I wanted to use and tbh you shouldn't mainline unless the football is super healthy and it's growing virgorisoly which these weren't I was going to top them again for 8 tops per plant but with how things are I'm gonna let them prob just have 4 each and grow just cause of how there growing doesn't look to promising so why set them back a bit more ya know haha

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  10. Oh also I prefer main line I usually do mainline and lst but just gonna main line this tims

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  11. Updated photos as it is sunday!!!! So I found out why the growth has been slow the water temp was a wee bit to warm... Go figure process of elimination and it was water temp that said dropped chiller in her 2 days ago and growth has exploded here we go boys! I was not gonna too it again but with the growth I am having I will be so next week should be it's last hair cut everything is on point!

    As you can see on the one plant we had a boo boo so I taped her and she doesn't seem affected by it which I was surprised as when I was tied her over since she's so stocky with her nodes I pulled a little to much and it ripped like 2/3 in half lol but! Nurse Mary and Dr. Juana fixed the problem off to the races

    PH 6.12
    Water temp 19c
    Light 12" above (600w on full ballast as getting new bulb after this grow)
    2x air stones in each ( which is why the rest temp was warmer then normal)
    IMG_20190707_111631.jpg MVIMG_20190707_111734.jpg IMG_20190707_111811.jpg

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  12. Today was the day since I'm leaving for 2 weeks I had to prune them the final time a bit early but had to be done set up a resovoir for them with a pump and have my friend check them after first week and too up res here's there current status and will see what next week brings once he sends me photos
    MVIMG_20190708_113307.jpg IMG_20190708_113313.jpg IMG_20190708_113317.jpg
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  13. Yeehee looks great man! How much extra veg time does this add on?
  14. Edited forgot to quote heh
  15. Uhm prob an extra 2 -3 weeks but! you don't have to top it as much as i did i could of topped twice instead of 3 times i just wanted the mainline to look pretty lol...
    if you top twice they second time instead of removing the growth from nodes 1 and 2 and only leaving 3 you can just remove growth tip number 2 on the second node and have the same amount of tops and only extend maybe 2 weeks max.. but to each his own haha
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  16. Very cool man, I will be following! I can barely lst lol :smoking-bong:
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  17. What's up what's up! Just got back from buissness trip was very eventful. Now I haven't seen them and this was the first time so they are growing now recovered from the harsh pruning and lst I did thank God haha all ppm's and pH levels are staying the same I noticed I had a magnesium deffiency so I put in a tbs per gallon of Epson salts to help her out for this week! Enjoy the photos!!

    IMG_20190717_202516.jpg IMG_20190717_202516.jpg MVIMG_20190717_202529.jpg IMG_20190717_202551.jpg IMG_20190717_202516.jpg MVIMG_20190717_202529.jpg IMG_20190717_202551.jpg
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  18. Oh man how's everyone doing been busy past 2 weeks had a birthday did some.more travel and the girls looks great one is still slow but I think she's dormant and growing her root mass but there looking healthy had a case of root for but seems to be solved as white roots are.growing wait till you see the photos below! Everything from neuts and oh and temp are same but I'm thinking I'm gonna try to scrog the one plant and the other let her just grow and use the screen to support her let me know what you guys think! 00000IMG_00000_BURST20190723212934684_COVER.jpg IMG_20190730_153815.jpg 00000IMG_00000_BURST20190723212934684_COVER.jpg IMG_20190730_153815.jpg IMG_20190730_153839.jpg
  19. Oh I also forgot today I just installed the screen gonna switch to flower in couple weeks but thought I jump and start training her under the net IMG_20190730_184315.jpg

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