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Grow Journal - Critical Auto and Super OG Kush Auto

Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by Paxico, Jan 15, 2018.

  1. Day 52 -

    I love this Auto Critical. Some burple pics for ya. 1520292662539.jpg 1520292671543.jpg
  2. Day 57 -

    Well... Today, I harvested the Critical. Here is a main cola pic. Not as much as I hoped, but this alone will last me 6 months. I decided to harvest based on the quantity of orange hairs and the fact that when I sampled it, I was f'ed up out of my mind....Haha.

  3. Oh... and don't knock the lousy trim job. Still have no idea what I'm doing in that department.
  4. Day 58 -

    And then there was one.....

    Auto Super OG - this thing is like a meter high and not close to finishing. Hoping it starts to bulk up soon.
  5. You should of flowered for much longer?? Ive just started a critical auto. Good to hear it does its job
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  6. I agree, you should of flowered a lot longer, just getting something like a cheap 60X jewellery loop so you can look at the trichs harvest anywhere from like 90 milky 10 amber to 40 milky 60 amber depending on if you want head or body high, you can get them on eBay for a few $$$.

    as for that super og, it looks nice and it'll give you a good yield but it gonna need at least 4 - 6 weeks of flower, its worth waiting that little bit longer because then they start bulking up and most of that critical would of been solid bud.

    good luck man!
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  7. I hear ya! I thought long about waiting, but the buds hadn't changed size in over a week and the hairs were getting quite orange. I have a jewelers loupe and used it. Much of the trichomes on the top bud were milky, but honestly, I harvested because if the affect it was giving. I didn't want to wait longer. I don't care much about yield. I got a little more than a quarter from it and that alone will last me 6 months. It fucking rules smoking my own shit... and the stuff I'm drying right now looks incredible. The quick dry stuff was amazing in and of itself.
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  8. oh i get what your saying man, I used to be the same, just smoking little js of your own weed and you just so hyped, cuz i mean it is lit af, but now a quarter won't do me months anymore, it'll too me a day or two, so i cant not get the yield if you see what I mean, I dont get a huge yield but i get the most I can out of my space:love-m3j:

    also is that wet or dry that sound like a lot for that plant dry, looks like it'd be about 3 or 4 g dried properly, if you dont know just get the wet weight and divide by around 3.5 or 4 and that will give you your dry, cuz if its not properly dry you'll get mold and that would be a shame :hookah:

    anyway yeah sorry for loads of writing i kinda kept forgetting what i was saying and took me ages to remember umm did it again hahaha


    oh also that first one was like not very far into flower at all like it would of quadrupled
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  9. Good advice. I'd say with all the other popcorn buds I pulled off, def. a quarter. I am just guessing though based on my college days 20 years ago.
  10. And I will def. not rush the OG as I now have a supply for a while.
  11. fair enough haha, well weight them out if you eva get the time and do the calculations, also they shrink so bad if you get like a handful wet it will just about cover your palm dry, looks are deceiving :weed-4:
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  12. Day 62 -

    Can't believe I had two plants in this space!
  13. This is my og kush auto at day 82. I'm chopping in 3 stages. Cut main colas 7 days ago, the next round was yesterday at day 81 and probably finish off in 4-7 days. Patience is by far the hardest part but the difference in an extra week or two is astronomical

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  14. Nice! How much did you get off the main cola? I'm on day 65.
  15. In small box is the 3 main colas cut at mid point. I haven't weighed yet. The dry box is the rest of one plant and about half of the last 3 plants. The other pic is my last 3 plants at day 82 from sprout

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  16. Day 65 pic -

    Super og Kush
  17. Nice haul!
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  18. Buds are slowly developing man!
    Damn I wish I had the space
    Very jelly!

    Just need the lights closer next time, so you don't get the stretch as bad!
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  19. I tries having the lights closer with this plant, but it always responded badly. Sucked! This strain did not
    Like LEDs much.

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  20. Yep, top top bud definitely has light burn and it never got closer than 17 in. It's back up to 20 in. This thing hates this light.

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