Grow Journal 002 - Blueberry Fem (Blaze)

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  1. February 14th, 2009, Day One, Germination Begins

    As some of you know I am currently starting the flowering process with my white widow journal.

    Today I recieved a single Blueberry feminized seed which I'm germinating as of today!

    I'm germinating this seed in soaked Rockwool 1x1" block. It will take 5-7 days to show it's head. I'll keep you updated. I will be also be growing this fine lady in my General Hydroponic Waterfarm. Single bucket, drip system, hooked up to pump.

    I will be keeping this girl under 24/7 for the first two weeks of "seedling" status, then moving to 18/6 for 6 weeks under some CFL's and Flo's untill the widows are plucked.

    So at about 8 weeks with it's head above the ground I plan on putting her in the box for 8-9 weeks after snatching a few clones that take root!

    So that's the plan. I'll be using GH gro, micro, bloom for the nutes, will water 3 times a day for 15 mins once I switch to the 18/6. Then after 2 more weeks I'll got 3 times a day 20 mins, untill I can get her up to 3x30mins for the rest of her life. Of course will switch up during flowering time to suit her needs!

    Hope I get a few spectators for my 2nd grow.

    Till Next Post,
  2. February 17th, 2009, Day Four, Still Germinating

    4 days sitting in some rockwool. Here's an updated photo.

    I'm sure we'll see a head pop up in a few days!

    Don't worry, I of all people didn't forget about you little blueberry!


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  3. February 19th, 2009, Day Five, Houston We Have Lift Off

    This morning I go to check on my lil' girl and there she was just waking up rubbin her eyes and taking a look at me.

    She's only about a 1 cm big. Not even worth posting a pic at the moment.

    In a few days I'll show ya'll a pic. Right now I have here sitting in my clone pod with a few White Widow clones. Humidity is 100% and she's under 4 CFL's.

    Till Next Time,

  4. Looking , sounding even better my man.
  5. February 21th, 2009, Day Seven, Official Sprout!

    So here's a pic from like 2 days ago. Like I said nothing worth getting a hardon over. But none the less a pic.

    This baby will be grown in a GH waterfarm drip system. I will also be using SCRoG to get max yield on this girl.

    Till Next Time,

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  6. Aah, I just had a newborn as well. Are they cute, or what. Great stuff Blaze dude. It don't have to be much of a post, long as its a post.

    Catch You Next Time Dude Man.
  7. When can I first give nutes to newbornes?

  8. I week after it POPS out, Give 1/10th, nutrient Solution, Mixed in, 1 liter.
  9. sweet grow man!!! really looking forward to wathing your baby grow up!!!!:D
  10. February 24th, 2009, Day Ten

    Ten days from seed. I've pretty much give this girl 2 dosages of highly deluted nutes.

    Just some GH Micro. Once she gets a few branches going I'll give her some GH grow nutes and put her in the bubble tank!

    She is still under 2 CFL's, Daylight, 3400 combine lumens, 3 inches away from her head.

    I do have 2 40watt flo's about 1 foot above her as well for alittle extra support!

    Anywho, Till next time,
  11. Looking good Blaze. Excited to see this one through. +rep
  12. March 6th, 2009

    Still veggin under 4x 26w CFL's (daylight). I have them on 18/6 as of today. I'm switching from 24/0.

    I had nute burn right out the gate. I gave them 1/10 dosage every couple days and the sprout got very very mad and hurt.

    So now I'm letting it recover and I will move from the small rockwool and hydro tank to the final resting place here in a couple of days.

    I have my lights set up in a different spot then my tank and bubble buckets.... so i have to rearrange to get my lights near my new veg area!

    Till next time!

  13. March 12th, 2009

    I decided to switch it up. Hydro just isn't for me at this time.... So I pulled her out of the hydroton and stuck the rockwool and plant into some soil. I plan on LST this baby girl and choppin quite abit of clones off here before I allow her to flower. As you can see. She's still small, but she is growing. Slowly but surely she's coming allong. In about 6 weeks, when my widow is done flowering. I'll move her under 400w mh... right now she is under 4 26w CFL's daylight spectrum. I also have to 40w flor's running not to far off which are pumping out the same growing spectrum as well.

    So she's getting enough lumes to grow to what see needs to be in 6 weeks before the bad boy 400'er takes her over.


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  14. March 17th, 2009

    3 weeks veggin and this baby is growing SLOW... I mean she's moving along, but under the CFL's I'm not getting no where near the same results I had under 400w MH with the white widow... That's kinda a good thing.

    I still have 5 weeks left on the ww... So around the time they are coming out of the oven the blueberry will be ready to go in!

    A tiny pic for your pleasure.... ain't she cute!?


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  15. Looking good.

    May wanna put some more light on her? If not, just try to keep those bulbs around 3 inches from the top of her.

    I was using only 4x 26w bulbs at first too, but I decided to go with MANY more.
  16. Yeah i do need to get those bulbs alittle closer. Like I said in 4 - 5 weeks time she'll be under the MH/HPS... Might start flowering then... Might give it a week or two to veg under the HID .... just never know with these things!

  17. I can't find what I'm seeking Blaze. Your using CFL's, and flor's ?

    Anyways, the Flor's don't put out much, if any heat, so you can get that plant up, under an inch, of Flor's ( not CFL's ).

    So Blaze, place the plant ( Seedling ) one inch under the Flor's, that will stop the stretching I see. Just a tip bro ;).

    See you around my man Blaze, And looking good so far ....:)
  18. Yeah I'm using CFLs and Flor's for the veg on this blueberry. My 400w bulb and lamp I'm using on the WW atm.

    What do you mean you can't find what your seeking? Whatcha lookin for?

    Anywho... till next time,

  19. Not to be rude Blaze, I was Blazed, and totally forgot what the heck I was looking for, Now it bugs me....HA>>>>> :p>>>>>>;)
  20. it's all good bro. I wasn't getting rude towards you. I just thought you were puzzled about something, and I was trying to figure out what it was you wanted to know, see, hear, or whatever.

    WWM your one of the people I'd love to sit down with and get smoked out with sometime!!!! Pot Brothers For Life!!!!


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