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grow it in a barn?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by pinkbunnykawaii, Jan 31, 2005.

  1. ok so i've never grown my own shit before, my mom's been in the business. since i moved out and i moved quite a ways away into this little farm house in the middle of nowhere with a few buds, i wanna start growin some of my own, but it can't be out in the open outside, it's gotta be in the spare closed off rooms in the barn because Scotty's PO comes up for check ups and everthing and u know u can't have that shit lying around. sooo... i want a bit of advice on how i can grow it in a barn when there's no outlets for synthetic light and barely any spots for sunlight to come in. any suggestions? i really wanna start this going. thanx much

  2. run a extension plug? like bury it so they cant see it
  3. measure out the distance from an outlet to your barn, then buy a long enough heavy duty outdoor extension cable. bury it like the guy said, if neccesary. Make sure the junctions between cables/equipment are covered, incase the barn roof leaks or somethin.
  4. HIG All, looking to have a fire if your growing to do that..just grow outside..nobody would be the wizer Bud.

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