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grow in upstate ny

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by bongerrr, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. Can I germinate inside then grow a few rows of getminated seeds in a cleared space with nutrient rich soil in the summer?
  2. Why would you not
  3. Can you? sure! Will it be there in Fall? Probably not.
  4. I'd make sure its a well concealed patch and that you don't plant in rows. Make it look like the other plants, and scatter them as if they're wild. But yes its perfectly possible to do.
  5. alright ill try and post pics of it as I go starting June
  6. Wow what state do u live in?
  7. Holy shit what's the yield on that monster?
  8. my question is, i looked at the longest day of the year in new england and its only a little over 15 hours long... will they fully ripen before the frost of october?

    If you start them in may, you have about 14 hours of daylight... wouldnt that trigger them to flower? lol
  9. You should be able to start germinating in Feb plant seedlings by march grow check for fems and then bring out mid march.late march, early April and leave till mid October.
  10. Look for heavy Indica strains. Shorter flower times should let u finish in time
    ^^^^ don't put them out in mid to late march. They will go into flower and stunt the growth of the plant big time. 4/20 is the best day to plant :). Anything sooner and you are risking early flower. And they will be done way like mid sep to first week of oct
  11. Thanks, any ideas for well know strains that are pretty cheap?
  12. try dutch passion hollands hope...i hear it is good for the northeast outside
  13. Check out attitude seed bank. They have good deals and some nice freebies to. I would order soon thought its from over the boarder so it can take up to a month some times to get them In. Just look for any heavy Indica and you should be good.
  14. I grew Royal Queen Special Kush this summer planted in second week of march and by July it was a beast! Harvested in early October and I had an amazing yield with scrog. Northeast ftw!
  15. time warp.

    pine warp

    you need to sex them but well worth it if you can start inside early

    i grew pine warp 2 years ago and it was monster plants monster yields

    awesome buds too

    piney and very nice buzz

    you need something mold resistant in upstate ny its mostly peat bog swamps and dense pine trees with a short fall thats very wet

    50day and under flower cycle

    resistant to mold

    is what you need to look for

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