Grow in a river? can it be done

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  1. I got a crazy idea to try to grow in a little stream in some woods. the stream is about 10 feet wide and up to 5 feet deep in places (not that big, I know).
    The Setup
    The base is some 2 inch thick Styrofoam that is 2.5' by 1.5'. It has a hole in the middle just big enough to fit the bottom of a 2 liter bottle. Cut a 2 liter just about half way down, and put holes in it. Fill the bottle with fertilizer and insert it into the foam with 2 inches sticking out the bottom. Find a sunny place in the river to put it. Finally put a germinated seed in the dirt and tie it off to a tree.

    here's a pic.
    Tell me what you think. :wave:

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  2. it be on its own huckleberry adventures soon enuff, so write a book about it:hello::D
  3. I don't believe it will work. You mention dirt and fertilizer, what will keep the spring from washing it out of the bottle? :smoke:
  4. it wont work, it will drown(kill) the plants.
  5. Why not try and build a eddy of sorts (enclosed area the water is calm and slowly swirls around until it finds an out, dam it off a little and use the same idea you have. That way it won't float away.
  6. The water level rose too high for the tether and it was held under water, but, i think i will go for round two with a longer rope. The dirt stayed in there for the 4 days it was in commission. The seedling was growing well too. The only thing I'm worried about is enough room for the roots.
  7. Scale your build up, maKe it bigger maybe?
  8. Will do and report back with the progress. Thanks
  9. Things that make ya go hmmmm.....

    Perhaps, if the flow is strong enough, think about an intake that feeds to a mister system with the roots initially above the water line. The next issue is nutrients, I'd bet there is some info out there on how to add it to the mist. :cool: :smoke:
  10. Honestly, buy some hydroton and use that for your medium, allows better root growth and is typically used in hydroponics. I'd try that personally.
  11. Subbed.. I want to know how this turns out.. :p
  12. Lolz, why not just plant in the ground near the river :D
  13. What's wrong with a little experimentation? Heheh :smokes:
  14. to be honest this sounds like its not going to work, but i love the creativity and am really hoping it works. i'll definatley will be checking up on your progress.
  15. roots need oxygen to survive. plant it next to the river in a semi-dryer area, and aerate your medium so its not holding water all the time. the plant wont grow if the roots are submerged in water, with the exception of DWC. Unless you can run an air pump 24/7. good luck
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    Why try out one of Gardeners Swamp tubes!! Check out my old grows, I use black tubing u can find at any construction site or make ur own like i did in my 2009 grow. Take the tube and stick it in the river closer to the sides and make sure they are secured in. Then fill the tube with nice airey dirt (add perlite, vermicule, or rice husks). the key is to make sure the top of the tube is like 1.5 feet above the water level so place them along the side of the river. this will make it easier to get to the tubes and you wont have to water much at all. Check out my grows seriously i think u can come up with something great here!

  17. i was wondering about some dif ways to utilize a stream for an outdoor grow planned for the 2012 season.

    basically, i've seen some flooded tube closet setups and was thinking that this could be applied outdoors as well. the plan is to dig a hole from the stream to the grow area and back to the stream and lay some tubing for the water to run through (with screens on both ends to keep debris/etc out).

    would this drown the roots or would there be enough oxygen in the flowing water?
  18. Strategically place rocks or bricks in ways that will create some kind of current and cause water to splash against the rocks or bricks, and have it be able to splash on the roots, sorta like an aeroponic system.

    Just my two cents.
  19. good idea noize, i didnt thinking about having the water splash around like that to create more oxygen

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