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  1. Has anyone purchased seeds from this place before. They seem to have a good selection and competitive prices. Just don't know how reliable they are. Any input is appreciated.
  2. Just ordered some stuff I'll let you all know what the service is like.
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    OK, I just got my order of purple wreck after 5 business days in the states from England. I ordered via credit card and they were sent the next day. All the seeds are in good shape. Can't wait to grow this strain out too! Maybe I'll do a grow report not sure how comfortable I am about posting pics though.
  4. I also want to add that they were the cheapest priced seeds I could find on any seedbank website including DNA genentics website. the total including shipping cost 70USD compared to like 85-95 for other websites.
  5. Why wouldn't you go with a seed bank that has proven itself to be reliable? Just so you know: all the rip off sites send seeds too. Personally, I would have paid the extra 20 bucks. You could waste a whole lot of time and energy growing schwag. But let us know how it works out for you.
  6. Considering that Grow High is one of the official distributors listed on DNA's web site, It certainly seems to be a credible source.
  7. That's definitely a good sign.

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