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  1. 20160411_143425.jpg 20160411_143257.jpg 20160411_143425.jpg 20160411_143257.jpg 20160411_143425.jpg 20160411_143257.jpg 20160411_143425.jpg 20160411_143257.jpg Ok. I started germ stage about a week ago. These are 2 AK auto fems that I've had for awhile. Problem is, they started growing nice but now they both have a lean to them. Not stretching, a simple lean. And on top of that, both sides the leaves are curling down, and the middle leaves of one seem to be drooping as well. I don't know what went wrong, other than I just realized that I don't have a fan in there, first time I have ever made that mistake. I'm not sure if it could be under watering, cause I water frequently... not too much... but could it be over watering? I make sure they drain everyone I put them back in the area... please help... I've never had this issue before. Please respond asap and what I can do to fix this.

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  2. What makes you think there's something wrong? I don't see anything wrong.

    Your soil may be a bit too wet. Do you have drainage holes in that coffee cup? Let the soil dry out a little bit but keep it just moist.

    Make sure that you have plenty of light on it. You can always add a little bit more soil to help support the stem.

    Don't overthink it too much.

  3. Looks good too me ? I'm not picky though

    there's certain accidents where you may be drunk and on drugs.
    but it's going to happen weather you are or your not
  4. Hahah that's what I've been thinking the whole time... and yes multiple holed per cup, thanks for the reply
  5. The medium you're growing in looks like it holds too much water. It looks like mostly compost in the cup by what I can tell from the picture. Anything you grow in in the soil line needs to be amended with at least 40% perlite to help your drainage out if you're not using formulated grow soil. If yours isn't this way, then you need to add the perlite. When a plant first sprouts, the first thing it does is start forming it's root system. Until this task is completed to the plant's satisfaction, the foliage just sits there. If you've grown much, I'm sure you've noticed this. The plant uses no water to speak of and, God forbid, no nutes are needed on a baby plant. If you use a good enough soil and understand proper potting technique, you can get almost all the way through the veg cycle with very little adding of nutes. For some reason, a lot of people think that these chemicals are the key to growing a big healthy plant. NOT SO!! Nutes are meant to be added only after the plant has had ample time to use the nutrients that came naturally in the soil mix they're growing in. If you start them in small containers, like you have above (and by the way, ALWAYS fill your container all the way up leaving only enough room for watering without spillover...and your cup should be something that light cannot penetrate as roots should never be exposed to light of any kind), and repot them into fresh soil only after they've become slightly root bound into a container one size larger (confining the root space means you wait less time for the plant to root in), the fresh soil has just reupped your nute supply and the plant will only need properly pH'd water. Each time, wait till the plant is bigger than the container it's growing in (wider and taller) before you repot up a size into fresh soil. Good quality soil is worth it's weight in gold...believe me. We do ours this way and generally don't even have to give nutes until a couple of weeks before they go into the flower cycle. Starting them too soon will only fry your plants and no new seedling needs anything other than water. When you first sprout a seedling and water it in after putting it in soil, you need to LEAVE IT ALONE until the container it's in has used up AT LEAST 80% of the water. It doesn't need your help to do it's thing.

    When the root system is formed, you'll see the foliage start to grow and will notice the plant using more water. At this point, your plant is back on the growing track. But each time you repot, there will be a period of time there where you need to back off and just let the plant do it's thing. It's not rocket science, but there are basics that every grower needs to know and if you're unsure about any of it, go to the new grower threads. Lots of posts there for inexperienced growers that have this vital basic info in them. The more you know, the better you grow. Good luck!!

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