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    So I recently discovered my mom used to grow bud back when she lived in palm springs in high school.:eek: For awhile I have been wanting to grow but hadn't had the time, money, or place to do it. However in light of recent news regarding my mom, I want to attempt a grow this summer, at my house. I suggested this to my mom and she doesn't care!:D

    This is my first grow.

    Now, I have some ideas on how to do this. I want to be able to harvest before I leave for school again (Sept. 20ish?). That gives me 3 months almost exactly. I know this is a short time to accomplish what I want. I have read plenty of material on growing, so please don't suggest that. I have even constructed a Grow Guideline in which to follow. I am looking for feedback from people who have short term grow experience.

    I believe I will do a SoG grow. Because I only have a short time, I want the plants as small as possible and still produce a decent amount of bud. I understand that I will not yield the most amount of bud possible here but I still want to try it. I am getting clones from a buddy of mine, $10 a plant. I'm not sure on the strain, but he said it's fast growing and produces a good amount of bud. I want to grow about 10 plants (I know this is very few plants for SoG grows but I don't care). I have an entertainment center cabinet that is about 3.5' tall, 5' long and 2.5' wide. Will this be enough room? Also, due to cost and simplicity I will probably use flourescent tubes, longest that can fit in the the cabinet, probably 4 ft. I also plan on putting an air inlet and outlet, both of which will have 6-7" diameter fans.

    Does anyone have any experience and/or advice for this set up?:confused:

    I'll update it, with pics and plans later.

    Spark a joint and enjoy,
  2. well my man if you are wanting the most yeild out of your plants in a short amount of time i would honestly just break down and buy seeds online. ive been lookin at auto-flowering strains and they look pretty appealing because they are geneticaly enginered to flower as if it were a full mature plant some strains produce up to 50g of dries bud which isnt bad for a plant that is 12-14'' tall. but if you are set on the clones then you still have the ability to controle the light cycle so your plant can start flowering whenever you want. and regarding the lights, i would recomend cfls over bars for a few reasons, they are cheep, they save on electricity, you can literally find them all over, and you can mount them or hang them any way you want. cheack out kamel's cfl guide i think it will win ya over. happy growing :)
  3. Alright, the guide convinced me.:D I guess I'll go with cfls. Aside from switching light cycles sooner than normal, should I also LST the plants?:confused: Can I do this in the short veg. period, or should I just stick with letting them grow naturally?:confused:

    Thoughts from SoG or LST growers?

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  4. def lst it, it is good practice to do with any plant and it helps maximize yeild
  5. Check out some Auto-Flowering strains at Cannabis seeds Marijuana Seeds they grow to their full size and flower in less than 3 months. this'll also give you time to dry and cure them which takes about another 2 weeks after harvest. I'm actually in the a similar situation you are cept my mom grew when she was in college and shes finally letting me grow after wearing her down for months. Anyway i just got my White Dwarf Autoflowering strain today and i'll be starting a grow journal on GC as this is my first grow so check it out and i hope i've been helpful. Good luck with your grow Toker!
  6. Well I've been looking online at seeds. I might go with seeds that way I can be sure that they will perform even under the time constraints. I'm looking at White Dwarf feminized seeds. They bloom in 2 months after planting, so that definitely fits my time frame and are short, so thats a plus.

    Anyone grown this strain? Or heard about it?

    Spark a joint and enjoy,
  7. That's cool your mom approves :p. My mom was visiting a few weeks ago when she saw my 2 dwarfs growin in the closet, she helped me water them a few days later :hello:.

    Good Luck.
  8. Heres someone that grew a successful white dwarf and comes complete with a smoke report:smoking: Hope this helps:D
  9. Well that definitely helps. My biggest factor here is time, the next is money. I would like to keep this to a low budget grow, seeing as its my first time. Feminized autoflower seeds solve both of those issues, as long as they aren't too expensive.

    Still undecided....

    Spark a joint and enjoy,
  10. dont expect 50g a plant from a dwarf,it is possible but rare,usually around 20-25 grams of dried bud and thats with very good light and conditions.400w mh/hps is about the min if you expect to get any yeild above 10-15g.
  11. If you want short compact buds in a short period of time start from seed and give a 12/12 light cycle from the begining to the end. This reduces yield somewhat, however causes the plants to grow short and compact and from what I've read, from seed to weed is about 8-9 weeks.
  12. I've already come to the conclusion that I won't end up with oz. upon oz. with bud. I just want to complete the grow, whatever yield comes from it is awesome. I'll be trying other methods once I get back into school in my new place.

    For now, I have 2 weeks to solidify my plan before I put it in action. Seeds might just be the way to go...price per seed is less than price per clone....

    Spark a joint and enjoy,
  13. After reading more grows and looking into hydro a little bit, I think I will attempt a hydro grow.

    Plans as of now:
    2 rubbermaid storage containers, each with 3 6ish in. net pots. 2 or 3 pumps per container. The containers will hopefully be placed in a 4ft wide x 5-6 ft tall x 2 ft deep cabinet. Hopefully a HPS lamp, but probably just 2 homemade 6 cfl lights, one for each container. Also some sort of air inlet and outlet for temp control and air circulation.

    Plants-probably autoflower seeds, maybe clones from buddy.

    Sound good?

    Spark a joint and enjoy,
  14. Hydro is a great way to go. But be careful. Growing hydroponically is a lot less forgiving if you screw up. I recommend soil growing for your first time just to get the hang of it but all in all its up to you. If you do decide to go hydro then it sounds like you're gonna have a pretty good setup.
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    I've been weighing the pro's and con's of each set-up. I think about this wayyyy to much during the day, when I should be studying for finals next week. But I think I will do soil. My original plan of doing a short summer grow still stands, so I don't want to spend the time making a DIY hydro grow. So I'm going to pick up probably some FoxFarm soil as well as the 3 pack of FoxFarm nutes. Cheapest place for the nutes??? I think I will grow them in 2 gallon pots, inside a cabinet. Hopefully like 8 plants and then see how many are males and females. Run with small watt CFLs, like 2-3 per plant. Air intake and exhaust system. Oh and I just grabbed some white dwarf seeds from dr. chronic. :)

    I don't think I'm going to bother with a carbon scrubber. My closest neighbors live like 75 yards away and I'm only doing a few plants and my parents know and don't care. Does anyone think I'd need one?

    I'll keep you posted.

    Spark a joint and enjoy,

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