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  1. today i was at a couple book stores and found several grow guides...
    "grow bible" and stuff like that. the books seemed to be a lot more detailed(with pictures too) than most of the guides i've found online. do you guys know of any EXCELLENT grow guides online? or do you know if i can find these books online(to read, not to order)?
  2. yeah I agree with you theres no point for grow guides anymore you know why because :gc_rocks: :yay: :metal: :laughing: :love: hope I made my point
  3. thanks guys.

    for flowering, it says 12 hours light, 12 hours dark... do you repeat that over and over? or is it just a one time thing?
  4. it goes day to day. 12 and 12 off. that's how you can tell the time.

    since there's 24 hours in a day, a good thing to know when reading up on lighting is that anytime you see numbers like this 12/12 or 18/6 or 20/4 it is in reference to a lighting schedule.

    notice how all of those combinations add up to 24?

    you are recreating the rising and setting of the sun every day when you turn on and shut off your lights.

    vegetative growth = 18/6 18 on and 6 off
    flowering = 12/12 12 on and 12 off
  5. From the standpoint of a total noob I can see the point. It just says 12 and 12, so you're over in 24 hours, right? It doesn't specify this is an ongoing schedule, you're right. Hope it's clear now.
  6. thanks. how long does this process last? the whole grow?
  7. yeah, start with the 18/6 for the first month or so, pre-sex them with 12/12 for 2 weeks (kill the males), go back to 18/6 until the plants are the size you want them to be, then flip back to 12/12 until the females flower and produce budz and harvest!

  8. The advantage to pre-sexing is you can stop tending to the males, maybe give your girls a little more room, and lower the chance of pollination from the males by getting rid of them early.

    The downside to pre-sexing is you slow down your entire grow and you risk stressing your plants which could cause them to hermie, and that will pollinate the buds just as badly.

    I prefer to just grow on through veg until they are ready for flower cycle them watch them carefully. If you are looking every day or two the males will become obvious well before they are ready to pollinate and you can identify them and get them out without a problem.
  9. I got a quick question here. I planted a few seeds outside a few days ago and was wondering when I should be able to see some results. Also, how often should I water them? Ive been looking around for that answer but have yet to find it.

  10. watering maximum of twice a week, and if you germinated seeds, they should sprout within 48 hours... if not, your gonna be looking at close to 1 week

  11. Thanks flex. I knew that if I came to the right place I'd find the answers I was looking for. Also any inside tips you could give a first timer?

    Thanx once again,
  12. carefully watching your babies is always a good place to start. Think of them like childern.. a lot of us treat them like such, early recognition of problems usually prevent the death of your crop. Many new people ignore the signs and symptoms of a disease process until its too late. Also, make sure your not over-fertilizing your plants, make sure its MAXIMUM half the recommended strength, its a hell of a lot easier to correct an under-nutrition then a nute-burn from over feeding. Pay close attention to the leaves of the plant, on the first sign of yellowing, snap a picture and post it and ask what it means. Its very apparent to an experienced grower what the condition is and makes correcting the problem a whole lot easier. You may PM me any picture at any time and i will do my best to try and recognize the problem. I only have 2 grows under my belt, but i made a lot of mistakes the first time and i have done a ton of reading and i find that i am pretty confident with my stuff. I know a lot of growers respect me for that.

    Also, take the time to start a grow journal in our forum, people love to track the process and you will learn a whole lot more from other people's experiences and mistakes.

    When in doubt about something, ask... you can PM me with any further questions, i try and regularily patrol the "absolute beginners" section, so i may eventually find your problem here, but if you need immediate attention, drop me a PM. If i help ya out, hit me with a +rep.. i love getting em :)

    Take care, and happy growin'


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