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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by JWZZR, Oct 22, 2007.

  1. what would be some cheap stuff i need to buy to grow
  2. 'Sup dude :wave:. First off, you growin indoor or out?? If you're growin indoor, you'll need pots, soil, patience, water, ph up and down, fan, patience,seeds, patience, ph tester, nutrients, for when they are 2 or 3 weeks old or showing signs of starvation. That will get u started for few weeks. KEEP IT GREEN! peace, e :bongin:
  3. I'm growing under a budget so i can try and help you out. First off you can only grow small for that budget

    More plants = more light, more space, more venting, more smell... Ultimetly more cash investment.

    First thing you need is bagseeds. I assume you smoke so no problem. Next you'll need a few pots. All youll need at first is some small ones that can easily be household items (cups of varying sizes work. Make sure the pot isn't see through). Now you need soil. I highly reccomend seedling soil, MG and other soils often have to much ferts to begin with.

    A bag of seedling soil cost me under 5$.

    Now you need some lighting. Your going to have to use CFL's. How many depends on how you set up your operation and the exact number of plants. You'll either need to purchase clamp on lights or have a few lamp frames on hand (CFL's screw into regular light sockets)

    You'll need a fan, that can be purchased quite cheap or found around the house. Your going to need some basic ferts to use along the way. I reccomend you get all purpose fert with NPK of 20-20-20.

    Now im sure the person who posted above me knows alot more then me so i'd for sure look into getting the PH tester and the like. (if you cant afford the mad expensive digital one there are cheap single use tests, usually availible from pool/hardware stores)
  4. would you not be best going with HPS lights?
    what are CFL's anyways? i see it everywhere but im thinking of going HPS..

    good info DSQrn!
  5. HPS lights are better however more initial cost, more power bill and you gotta be more careful with the heat when you have clones and seedlings. Also the heat will require a better venting/cooling system.

    CFL's are compact florascent (sp) lights. They're quite cheap ranging from 3-20$ a bulb. They use little power, generate little heat and are great for seedlings/clones. However once your plants are larger you need a few more of them and you probably will want to LST to make the most out of them. They also have to be placed quite close so the set-up can be a tad tricky (usually its not it seems but i can see how it could be). The venting in terms of heat you'll need will be quite small so it saves you possibly having to tear dry wall or construct more things.

    Now in terms of growing i've read a lot about it but i'm only at the very start of my first try - That being said it seems if you have the budget and know-how to use HPS it'll probably pay off, however CFL's can work very nicely (there are several grows on here you can see using CFL's, including mine although its not the best example) and their low electricity cost, inital cost and lack of heat emissions make them quite desirable for those with small space and budget.

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