Grow for Dispensaries in Colorado ??? Help

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Satindica, Jan 23, 2010.

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  1. Please be gentle. I want to relocate to Colorado soon and would like to grow marijuana to supply dispensaries; not mas quantities but smaller high quality varieties of Medical Marijuana.I know some dispensaries have growers, some grow their own. I want to be a purveyor of fine Medicinal Marijuana. NOT at designer prices! I can not justify charging someone who is fighting for their life 400.00 an ounce. I want to make it affordable for the truly needy, terminal , suffering patients of CO. Happy tokes to those who need it and not !

    Satindica :wave:
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    than give it away. I can't justify charging anybody fighting for their life anything for weed. Everybody who needs it (medicinal reasons, not ppl that wanna get high) should have available access to it for free. That's what I think. I tip my hat to those that give it away, it's not a cheap hobby to grow weed.
  3. It is the latest craze here in CO.Denver area of course,Boulder is also hopping on board.You will have stiff competition, but it is supply and demand.I have seen it @ the Shops for less than $350/oz.
  4. Sorry, we don't allow threads concerning selling to dispensaries. Google it for information if interested.
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