Grow for a month in a Trash Bag

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Veronee, Oct 6, 2003.

  1. Ive never grown but i plan to when a move from where i am at now..... But my friend who has grown countless times told me that if you let a plant grow and bud after 3 months and about 3 or 4 foot tall... thats with 24 hours light till the height you want to bud then 12 and 12 till ripe i guessed cuz i forgot cuz he told me high as hell.... but then take the plant right up out the pot root and all and place in a five gallon bucket of water for a week then place the plant in a big black trash bag and tie it up tight and let it sit in a closet for a month that the roots grow wild and grow all into bud and everywhere. Then take the plant and chop the whole thing up cuz its all good like it is..... and smoke it all..... But i read that the roots have no thc and are useless... so i dont see how its true but i am gonna have to try it cuz he gave me the most black mossy looking bud ever before he moved away and i was stoned off my ass on it but i am not sure if that was it or what....
  2. HIGH All, mmmmmm roots growing into Buds....have to get me some of those plants.
    When placing the plant into a Bucket of water...might kill it. The roots might what I would suggest is to put an air hose into the water.
    Read up on marijuana and what it likes....what your friend says will kill your plant!!
  3. Your friend was have been really stoned when he gave you that info. Let the plant be and flower on it's own. If you grow indoors then just cut the light to 12/12 and it will flower. If you are growing outdoors, the plant should flower around right now when the light hours diminish. Dont pull it and put it in a bucket of water. That will just stress your plant and will most likely drown the roots and kill it.

  4. thats rubbish!!

    everyone knows that you need to wait till a few days bfore harvesting time and tie your plants to the back of your car with a long piece of rope and drag it around behind you for approximately 5 kilometres at a very fast pace...(.preferably on dirt and driving quite recklessly..) that upon completion your entire crop has turned into one large bud (bucket and all)...its by far the easiest way!


  5. ...i've tried this one before... i too was sceptical at first - but it really is 'by far the easiest way'... 5k left the bud wantin' a little in flavour tho'... i'd recommend 7 to 9k for optimum 'tasteeeeeenessssss'...
  6. LMFAO!!!!!!!!! Funny stuff i love reading forums because i get as many laughs as i do learns from them. Again the 24/7 light cycle???? Would one of the MODs in here allow me to post a sticky on this topic??? I feel it would do your site a great amount of good, would help about 60% of your members from what i have read in here. Just a question, it is a good topic to put a GOOD post on in any MJ forum.
  7. you make it, i'll stick it
  8. sweet, i will peck that out tonight HJ

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