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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by shafro, Jul 31, 2008.

  1. Whats better 100 watts ofCFL or one of those 120 watt grow flood lights you see at Loews?:wave:
  2. depends dude, 1 fixture would mean limited light ditrabution, 4 25watt cfls means you can cover the whole of the plant meaning youll get more use for your wattage, cfls are cooler also i beleave so you can get them closer without burning the plant.
  3. makes sense. Thx
  4. are you talking about the 120w light with the blue tint to it if so thare junk and just make heat its just a 120w flood light nothing more . id go with cfls or normal 4ft fluro shop lights they work good . check out my old grows to see
  5. I just needed a new bulb for my old phototron. Which if some of you youngins don't know came out in the 70s. Its an enclosed unit with 5 flourescents and a socket on top for an added bulb & reflective sides. I have a bubblegum plant in her 6th week of flowering. Although I only get about an oz. of bud per plant every three monthes, (I'll let you know in a few weeks the total)It's still fun for me and a free treat. I have her clone already to replace her after harvest. I also have a white widow I'm gonna try and grow them together next time. It might be a lil crowded but...

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    Any help
  6. The CFL is probably better. Most of those grow bulbs are still incandescent, and put off a lot of heat. CFL's don't put off much, and you would probably get better light from a 100W CFL over an incandescent grow bulb.

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