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    I have this plant that is about 6 or 7 months old now, got really sick when i first had it, took along time to come back, so now its about 22 inches from top of the planter, and i only have about a foot left above for lights, (its in a cabinet) right now i have a 4 foot shop light with daylight bulbs and 2 27 watt cfls daylight, and a 42 warm cfl. on it. In the next 2 weeks im goin to get a 400 watt hid, so im thinking i have to find another place to bud this thing, is it true that a flowering plant will grow 2-3 times its size? if thats true then this plant is going to be huge! will a 400 watt be enough for this one plant?the pic on the end is what it looked like shortly after i got it.

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  2. yea if its a sativa dom. strain it can triple in size most mj plants have a two week strech growing one to two inches a day u should mos def find a new flower room
  3. Do you think a one 400 watter will do for the flowering on this one plant? i will be taking clones and topping it also, before i flower so it will be alil thinned out.
  4. for sure and try and keep it like 15in away
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    i agree, you should expect the plant to at least double in size by the time it's done flowering, so adjust your grow space as necessary. but even so, a 400w HPS would be great to flower that thing.

    And nice job taking a very unhealthy plant and making it come back that well. She's looking nice right now.

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